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Warzone 2 leaks hint at loadout drop U-Turn ahead of launch

The exciting wait for Warzone 2 is finally almost over and new leaks suggest that important features like custom loadouts and perks will be returning at launch

Warzone 2 leaks custom loadout drops return: an image of the Oni operator in a sandstorm

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Warzone 2, especially after we got our first taste of the new Warzone 2 map Al Mazrah during the Modern Warfare 2 beta. However, reports from content creators who have had a hands-on experience with the upcoming battle royale shooter have left a lot of fans worried about the game – especially those reports regarding the game’s lack of custom loadouts and perks. If you’re one of those players, then you might have nothing to fear. New leaks seem to suggest that both custom loadouts and perks will be available in Warzone 2.

The rumoured information, which was first shared online by known Warzone 2 leaker ‘Metaaphor’ and parroted by Call of Duty content creator ‘ModernWarzone’, appears to suggest that both custom loadouts and player perks will be returning in Warzone 2 come launch alongside changes to AI solider placement and the game’s looting UI.

With many content creators and Call of Duty fans vocally critical of Warzone 2’s decision to remove custom loadouts and perks in favour of a new looting system, this will be a welcome sign.

However, this information should be taken with quite a large pinch of salt as Activision hasn’t detailed just what changes are going to be made to Warzone 2 between its’ alpha appearance at Call of Duty Next and launch. However, it does look like the Warzone 2 gameplay confirms it’s the next generation of battle royale shooters – for better or worse.

It’s also worth noting that the Warzone 2 battle royale map Al Mazrah is bigger than anything we’ve seen before. So, there’s still going to be plenty of places to loot if these leaks aren’t true in the end.

If you’re still wondering what the difference is between this battle royale and the last, we have a list of seven Warzone 2 changes that you should check out. This has potential to be the best battle royale game available when it launches, but we’re struggling to imagine that it will be able to capture the magic of the moment like Warzone did.