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Does Warzone 2 have loadouts?

Does Warzone 2 have loadouts? Speculation has been running high over whether or not the feature will be making a return in the next version of the battle royale

Warzone 2 Loadouts: A player can be seen crouching behind some cover

Loadouts have been a key part of Warzone but there is a lot of debate over whether Warzone 2 will have loadouts. Removing the feature would be a big change for the battle royale game and cause a lot of debate over whether it was a good idea or not to make that change in Warzone 2.

Loadouts are at the core of the Call of Duty experience, and if they were missing in the final release, it would be an interesting decision, especially after the change was received poorly during the early Warzone 2 play sessions in September. But, what is the latest Infinity Ward has said, especially when it comes to wanting to create the best Warzone 2 loadouts?

Does Warzone 2 have loadouts?

Warzone 2 will have loadouts. This comes from Call of Duty who confirmed they are indeed back in the game. You can purchase primary weapons in shops across the map (which are like buy stations). But, entire loadouts can be obtained by a squad during public events or by clearing a Stronghold or Black Site.

Initially, instead of Loadouts, according to Activision, you would have been able to create custom weapons with your attachments and build that you like through the Gunsmith, which would have been the only form of loadouts.

When it comes to perks, Warzone 2 will not have perks at launch, according to Activision. So, we are yet to see how this will affect loadouts when it comes to creating them. And, when it comes to lethals, tacticals, and other equipment it will all be grabbed on the map.

That is the latest on if Warzone 2 will have loadouts. While you are preparing to jump in, check out our guide on all the Warzone 2 guns and weapons to get yourself prepared to jump in.