Does Warzone 2 have loadouts?

Does Warzone 2 have loadouts? Speculation has been running high over whether or not the feature will be making a return in the next version of the battle royale

Warzone 2 Loadouts: A player can be seen crouching behind some cover

Loadouts have been a key part of Warzone but there is a lot of debate over whether Warzone 2 will have loadouts. Removing the feature would be a big change for the battle royale game and cause a lot of debate over whether it was a good idea or not to make that change in Warzone 2.

So, what has Infinity Ward said? Does Warzone 2 have loadouts? Well, read on to find out.

Loadouts are at the core of the Call of Duty experience, and seeing them missing from Warzone 2 is an interesting decision that might change how the sequel plays and the Warzone 2 meta when it establishes itself.

Does Warzone 2 have loadouts?

Warzone 2 will not have loadouts. Instead of Loadouts, according to Activision, you will be able to create custom weapons with your attachments and build that you like through the Gunsmith.

But, when it comes to perks, Warzone 2 will not have perks at launch. And, when it comes to lethals, tacticals, and other equipment it will all be grabbed in the map. You can’t build yourself a full loadout.

When in a match, you can buy your weapons and then upgrade them to get to the Gunsmith build you have created for yourself, according to CharlieIntel.

This will divide the Warzone audience greatly as loadouts are a key part of the current experience. So know you know the latest on if Warzone 2 will have loadouts, why not check out everything you need to know about the battle royale ahead of the Warzone 2 release date?