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Call of Duty Vanguard players will have to wait a little longer for ranked play

CoD Vanguard's ranked play beta was due to launch today, but has been delayed while Treyarch tackles a "stat-breaking issue"

Vanguard ranked mode: A split image showing two operators wearing Call of Duty League skins. The first is aiming an assault rifle, and the second is crouched next to abombsite in search and destroy

Despite the game launching over three months ago, and the new season of the Call of Duty League already getting underway, fans of competitive CoD had today marked on their calendars as the day where they would finally have ranked play in Call of Duty Vanguard. Unfortunately, they may now have to wait a little longer after Treyarch discovered a “stat-breaking issue” with the mode, delaying its release in the process.

While Sledgehammer Games has led the development on Vanguard’s gameplay overall, the responsibility of the game’s long-awaited ranked mode has fallen on the shoulders of Treyarch, which has been working to create the mode with feedback and direction from the Call of Duty League and pro players. A beta version of ranked was due to launch today, February 17, but it will now be delayed. How long for? We don’t know just yet, but Treyarch says that it will update players “ASAP”.

“In retail testing prior to launch, we discovered a stat-breaking issue that only appears in the live environment,” Treyarch says in a tweet. “As a result, the [Ranked] Beta will not go live tomorrow morning [now today] as intended. Resolving this is a top priority, and we’ll have an update on timing ASAP.”

It’s not clear whether this fix will take a matter of hours, days, or weeks.

While the transparency has been appreciated by the competitive CoD community, it is also disheartening for many that have waited three long months to be able to get stuck into ranked play and compete against others with the rulesets, maps, and modes used in the Call of Duty League.

In recent CoD titles, ranked play has taken a bit of a back seat – 2019’s Modern Warfare went its entire life cycle without a ranked mode, and Black Ops Cold War borrowed an outdated League Play system that also launched around three months into the game’s life cycle. There is also no Warzone ranked mode either.

Vanguard’s ranked mode looks, on paper, to be a much more streamlined and rewarding experience that has been partly shaped by the input of CDL pros, which makes this delay even more frustrating for competitive players.