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MW3 server status - how to check if they’re down

If you’re having connection problems in-game, then it’s time to check in on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 server status for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

MW3 server status: Captain Price wearing a hat and scarf in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Are the MW3 servers down? Call of Duty, like any other competitive-focused series, is a game where every millisecond counts. Having a faulty connection can, at best, cause those all-important shots to not register, and at worst kick you from the game on PC, PS5, and Xbox completely. As such, it’s important to know how to check the MW3 server status.

In this guide, we’ll not only teach you how to do that, but we’ll also give you a heads-up if there are any known server issues plaguing one of the best FPS games out there. After all, you can’t make use of the MW3 best loadouts that are currently dominating the MW3 meta if you’re unable to access the game full-stop.

MW3 server status

There are no known issues with the Modern Warfare 3 servers right now. According to the Activision Support site, the MW3 servers aren’t down and are currently online and operating as intended. However, we have seen players reporting a number of issues with the MW3 servers, including packet loss and being disconnected altogether.

For veteran CoD players, network issues are a familiar occurrence. 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 suffered from both packet loss and packet burst issues – something Activision has seemingly failed to address in the latest game. As such, it’s not uncommon to experience rubber banding, poor hit registration, and general jittering when server load is too high.

We ourselves have experienced frequent lag – hallmarked by packet loss notifications during matches – and major crashes throughout our Call of Duty MW3 review sessions. It’s frustrating, but we remain hopeful that Activision will turn the ship around in this department, even if MW2 indicates that our trust is, perhaps, misplaced.

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How to check the MW3 server status

There are a few easy ways to check the MW3 server status:

The Activision Support site is the most official way to check the status of MW3’s servers. Here any issue that has been validated will be displayed, alongside any issue that has been resolved. Activision is usually pretty quick to update the site, though the official Activision Support Twitter account will be a much better place to see if the publisher has at least acknowledged player reports, even if the issue itself has yet to be fully ratified.

However, if the server crashes mid-game and you’re in need of an answer instantly then Downdetector is the best indicator that a problem has arisen and the MW3 servers are struggling. Conversely, some users may file reports thinking that the game is down when actually it’s their own ISP, router, or other part of the network chain failing. As such, be wary when taking Downdetector as gospel – though in our experience it’s always been reliable.

And that’s the current MW3 server status as well as how to check it. If you’re experiencing an issue in-game, we hope it’s swiftly resolved so you can go back to grinding those MW3 camos for the best MW3 guns.

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