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Modern Warfare 2 is a haven for trickshotters right now

Modern Warfare 2 trickshotting has a lot of history, and in the 2022 MW2, a ridiculous glitch is getting Call of Duty trickshotters excited

MW2 trickshotting flying glitch: Two operators holding guns sit on the outside of a helicopter

Thanks to a less than smooth launch, the Call of Duty trickshotting community is having an absolute field day in Modern Warfare 2 after finding a glitch that can yeet them high into the sky and perform the most ridiculous trick shots imaginable.

When you think of iconic trick shots in games like the original Modern Warfare 2, they largely involve dropping from a great height and, during the fall, producing a variety of spins, weapon swaps, and other actions before landing the perfect no-scope.

While Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mostly lacks the tall structures needed to perform trick shots (they will mainly arrive with new Al Mazrah map on the Warzone 2 release date) a hilarious bug that catapults players is giving them all the height they need to execute some truly astonishing trick shots.

MW2 player ‘cashkeer’ on Twitter was one of the first to pull off a trick shot using this bug, and swathes of players quickly started attempting their own.

Even streamer ‘DeanoBeano’, who is renowned for playing Call of Duty with musical instruments as his controller, managed to hit one of these trick shots with his trusty recorder. The clip is below, but be warned there are just a few expletives…


So how are trickshotters managing to launch themselves in this way?

First, you’ll need to put a bipod attachment onto one of the best MW2 snipers. Then you’ll need to find a slightly inclining surface – examples of these include car windscreens, the railings on staircases, and gravestones in the corner of the Taraq multiplayer map. Jump onto one of these inclined surfaces, then go prone. Then, all you have to do is to aim down your scope, and try to mount on the surface you’re lying on with your bipod. The game for some reason completely rejects this, and will yeet you upwards.

It’s certainly not a recommended strategy for winning matches, but it is pretty hilarious and excellent montage material. You know what is a good strategy for winning? Checking out our list of the best MW2 guns.