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Modern Warfare 2 weapon receivers explained

If you're confused about the new Modern Warfare 2 weapon receiver system, we have everything you need to know about using them to get the best guns right here

Modern Warfare 2 Receivers: An image of Soap in a red skull mask

If you’re sitting there wondering what the new Modern Warfare 2 weapon receivers are all about, you’re not alone. Infinity Ward is shaking up how players unlock new weapons in this new Call of Duty game and it’s going to take a little getting used to. So, we’re here to run through everything you need to know about this new system – it’s important to be clued up, right?

This guide should help you work out what you need to use to unlock the best guns and weapons in this shooter. Then, you can start grinding towards unlocking all the Modern Warfare 2 mastery camos – which could take a little while.

Modern Warfare 2 weapon receivers explained

In Modern Warfare 2, the receiver is effectively the base attachment for your custom weapon. It’s what defines each weapon, really. With Infinity Ward dividing Modern Warfare 2’s weapons into ‘platforms’, which you should think about like a weapon’s family tree, you’re going to be picking and choosing from a select few groups of guns when it comes to creating a class and Receivers are the core of that group in your class.

So, choosing the right one – whether you’re looking at the best assault rifles or the best sniper rifles – is going to be what matters the most when it comes to making a loadout.

Within this group is where you’ll find and unlock Modern Warfare 2 weapon receivers. They’re one of the attachments in the Gunsmith, but they’re effectively going to change the entire weapon when you switch them out. So, when you’re setting up a class, make sure you pick this first. They are also one of the core ways to you unlock guns and weapons in the game, beyond just levelling up.

But, that’s all there really is to it. Modern Warfare 2 receivers aren’t really as scary as you might think, they’re just a new and confusing way to present the guns available in-game when you are using the weapon customisation systems.