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Modern Warfare 2 ranked play won’t arrive until 2023

MW2 ranked play is coming and will be once again developed by Treyarch, but it won't be arriving in Modern Warfare 2 until next year

MW2 ranked play: three operators run with weapons in hand as explosions go off behind them

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play has finally been confirmed, and Call of Duty Black Ops series developer Treyarch will once again be taking the reins of developing the competitive mode.

So far, Treyarch has only released limited details on MW2 ranked play, but already things sound promising for competitive players. There will be skill divisions, visible skill ratings, a top 250 leaderboard, and rewards that are exclusive to playing ranked. However, there is one caveat – the MW2 ranked play release date will not be arriving until 2023.

For the last two Call of Duty titles, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, ranked play has not been introduced at launch or with the first season of content. Many had hoped that with the upcoming Call of Duty League esports season kicking off earlier than ever before in December, ranked play would also come to Modern Warfare 2 earlier than in the previous titles.

To keep competitive players occupied, a CDL Moshpit playlist will be added on the MW2 Season 1 release date. This will feature the maps and game modes that pro players will be competing on during the upcoming season.

With Treyarch now building out ranked play for MW2, its support for ranked in Cold War and Vanguard will soon be ending. The developer advises players to log in and claim any ranked mode rewards they’ve earned before November 22.

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