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How to get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops

If you are you wondering how to get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops, look no further as we have a guide on exactly what you need to do here

Modern Warfare 2 get Twitch Drops: A player can be seen shooting another player

If you are beginning to jump into the latest COD game, you may be asking how to get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops. After all, they are offering some great initial rewards for players that offer a bit of a headstart or just some unique cosmetics.

So, to find out what you need to do, from linking your Call of Duty account to knowing when the cutoff point is to grab the blueprint for the gun, we have all you need to know below. That way you can get some gear for your best loadouts.

How to get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops?

To get Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops you need to do the following:

As mentioned, the rewards you can earn include a unique charm at 15 minutes, a unique calling card and emblem at 30 minutes, a unique sticker at 45 minutes, and a weapon blueprint at 60 minutes. Once earned, these rewards will need to be claimed on Twitch through the drops menu and then they will appear in-game.

These rewards are only available between October 28, 2022, and November 6, 2022, so be sure to watch your 60 minutes before the end date hits.

With the Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops in your back pocket, you can begin your journey of unlocking the weapons and guns or the camos grind with a great sniper rifle to get you started. But, if sniping isn’t your style, you can also check out our guide to the best guns and weapons in the game.