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Modern Warfare 2 how to earn and get Battle Tokens

If you are wondering how to earn and get Battle Tokens in Modern Warfare 2, let us take you trhough what you need to do in this guide

Modern Warfare 2 Earn Battle Tokens: A soldier can be seen aiming their weapon

If like us you are hopping into Modern Warfare 2’s seasons, you may be wondering how you can get tokens to level up your battle pass and make your way through the map. Well, to help you out we have listed how to earn and get Battle Tokens in Modern Warfare 2 below.

As with previous Battle Passes in Call of Duty, you will want to prepare yourself for a grind and to use the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and weapons to ensure you can earn XP fast and rack up tokens as quickly as possible. But, there are still limitations on how fast you can earn them, especially if you don’t want to fork up some extra money.

How to earn and get Battle Tokens in Modern Warfare 2

To get and unlock Battle Tokens in Modern Warfare 2 you need to do the following:

  • Play matches and earn XP in them
  • Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle
  • Purchase The Vault Edition upgrade for Modern Warfare 2

When it comes to earning and getting Battle Tokens in matches and earning XP, figuring out how much you need to play isn’t easy. There is a progress meter shown in the bottom corner of the battle pass map, behind the hexagon for the Token amount you have. But, XP for the battle pass is earned at a different rate than regular XP, although that rate isn’t known currently.

So, for now, until we learn more, you will just need to play some watches and wait until we get a better idea of the cadence of Battle Token drops.

As for the other methods, it does require you to fork up some extra cache, with 25 Battle Tokens available in the Battle Pass Bundle and 55 available with the Vault Edition upgrade for the game. We reckon there may be some extra ways to earn tokens down the line but this is it for now.

With the knowledge of how to unlock and get Battle Tokens in Modern Warfare 2, you can begin working your way through the battle pass sector map in Modern Warfare 2, getting upgrades, new cosmetics, and brand new weapons and unlocks.