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Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout best attachments and class setup

Get an idea for a great Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout, with a build, attachments, and class setup that shine in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium Loadout: The FJX Imperium can be seen

Now that you are jumping into the latest update for Modern Warfare 2, you will likely be on the way to picking up the FJX Imperium. This is the brand new sniper rifle introduced in Season 3 and it is already causing a lot of damage in multiplayer matches, especially if you have the best Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout.

In this guide, we will go over which attachments you should run on the FJX Imperium. We will also detail a great class setup the compliments the strengths of the sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2 so that you can climb the Modern Warfare 2 ranks and get a build using what is going to be one of the best sniper rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout

The best Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout is:

  • Receiver: FJX Imperium
  • Bolt: FJX Blast
  • Stock: FJX Kilo-Tac
  • Barrel: Fahrenheit 29″
  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Laser: 1MW Quick Fire Laser

To kick things off, you will want to use the FJX Blast and FJX Kilo-Tac stock. The former will really refine the bolt and fire rate, great for this fast-paced, quick-scoping loadout. The latter boosts overall stats that really help you excel with the weapon and move around the map a lot while being able to keep your head up.

Next up is the Fahrenheit 29″ barrel which in all reality is just the most optimum barrel for the FJX Imperium. With a sniper, you want great bullet velocity and damage range and this will really help in that regard. The 1MW Quick Fire Laser is another great tool for crafting a build for the FJX Imperium. It boosts sprint to fire/aim down sight speed which is key to being able to keep your quick scoping game up. Finally, the FTAC Reaper is our muzzle choice.

Best Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium class setup

When it comes to the class, you are going to want a close-range alternative just in case you get into a tight spot. For this reason we suggest running Overkill and pairing it with a shotgun or SMG. Our best Modern Warfare 2 KV broadside loadout should be a huge help due to its fast fire rate, or take a look at our best Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann Sub loadout.

In addition to Overkill, opt for Double Time or Battle Hardened to help with sprinting or staying on target and not having to cope with any flinch. In the second tier, use Fast Hands to really speed up weapon switching and reloading, two big problems with the FJX Imperium. Finally, use Ghost to get around the map and avoid being targeted.

Then, to cap off the loadout, choose a Portable Radar or a Trophy System for the Field Upgrade to hold down an area, or help you out in a choke point. When it comes to lethals and tactials. Choose whichever suits you the best but the usual options of a Drill Charge, Flash Grenade, Stun grenade, and Frag Grenade are great choices.

That is everything you need for the best Modern Warfare 2 FJX Imperium loadout. With this loadout, you should be able to hold your own and really make the most of the sniper rifle. This might come close to being one of the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts, especially for a sniper rifle.