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Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 loadout best attachments and class setup

The best Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 loadout turns this starter weapon into a devastating pump action shotgun that'll blow your enemies away

Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 Loadout: The Expedite 12 can be seen

The best Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 loadout turns this starting shotgun into an unstoppable force, and the best bit about it? It doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours levelling up the gun.

The Expedite 12 was the only shotgun available in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, and, as such, players have already become well acquainted with its quirks. It can be devastating and one of the best guns in the right hands.

Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 loadout

The Expedite 12 is a powerful shotgun that’ll blast your enemies into smithereens at close quarters. If you’re looking to make use of this in multiplayer – or you plan on running it as your secondary – here is the best Modern Warfare 2 Expedite loadout:

  • Receiver: Expedite 12
  • Stock: Resonance Stock Collapsed
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Void Grip
  • Laser: STOVL Tac Laser
  • Muzzle: XTEN Full Choke
  • Bolt: Expedite L-Bolt

To kick things off, you will want to go with the Resonance Stock Collapsed. You will be absolutely bolting it around the map with this weapon so this helps you out in that regard by improving movement and sprint-to-fire speed. It also helps with hip recoil and aim-down-sight speed. The negatives here are quite substantial but for a shotgun, they aren’t the biggest damaging factors.

The Schlager Void Grip adds an extra bonus on top with a faster ADS speed, in addition to what is granted by the stock choice. For your laser, the STOVL Tac Laser is easily the best option here with no downsides and improved hip accuracy and recoil control.

Then, when it comes to your Bolt, you want the Expedite L-Bolt to increase the shotgun’s fire rate. Finally, we suggest running the XTEN Full Choke. The downside here of a slower ADS is negated by all of the improvements above. But, as a result, you get a much-improved damage range, which is super handy for a shotgun.

Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 Loadout: The Expedite 12 can be seen

Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 class setup

The Expedite 12 is a beast in close quarters and is it any surprise, really? To complement the loadout above, you’re going to need to handpick your perks, lethals, and tacticals, so they all complement each other. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the hard work and we have what we believe to be the best Expedite 12 class setup for Modern Warfare 2.

For your two base perks, we’d recommend picking Double Time and Overkill. Double Time improves mobility and Overkill will allow you to pick up a secondary, like our best Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout. If you don’t fancy a secondary, we’d opt for Tracker, which allows you to see enemy footsteps. And, then you can choose the X12 as your pistol.

For your bonus perk, Fast Hands is a must here, which will let you reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster, and for your ultimate perk, Quick Fix will let you regenerate health every time you kill someone.

In the lethal slot, Frag Grenades or a Drill Charge are helpful when darting around the map, and for your tactical, we’d recommend a Snapshot or Stun Grenade. Then, when it comes to Field Upgrades, you can’t go wrong with Dead Silence.

So there you have it, the best Expedite 12 Modern Warfare 2 loadout. Hopefully, that’ll help you build the pump action shotgun of your dreams, but if it doesn’t don’t worry – there are plenty of other builds out there for you, including some for the best assault rifles, best SMGs, and other top guns.