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Does the Modern Warfare 2 campaign have online or local co-op?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is almost upon us and we’re here to talk about whether this game has online multiplayer or local co-op options for campaign mode

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We know there’s quite a lot of chatter online about the Modern Warfare 2 leaks that suggest campaign DLC is coming to Infinity Ward’s shooter, but there’s just so much more to discuss ahead of any actual confirmation regarding those leaks. Namely, we want to know the answer to the following question: does the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign have online or local co-op for the campaign at launch?

Despite now having a reputation as some of the best competitive FPS games out there, Call of Duty is no stranger to local co-op experiences and online multiplayer for traditionally single-player modes like the campaign. But, is co-op a part of Modern Warfare 2?

Does the Modern Warfare 2 campaign have online or local co-op?

No, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign does not offer online or local co-op. The campaign this year is a single-player-only experience. However, you will be able to partake in some of the Spec Ops missions with a friend.

Why do we think this? Well, despite the fact that older Call of Duty titles do offer this feature, we haven’t seen it made available for some time. So, in all honesty, it isn’t too surprising, especially with the Modern Warfare 2 campaign lacking blockbuster, memorable moments.

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So, while the Modern Warfare 2 mission list leak has fans fearing for Ghost, you’re going to have to see how accurate it all is alone. Don’t worry, though, you can always play through Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops mode with a buddy – that’s exclusively a two-player co-op experience.