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Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards - what can you unlock and get

Curious about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards? Here are all the items, skins, and more you could have earned during the beta

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards: A soldier can be seen

The Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards are now available and offer a host of cosmetics for players to get their hands on if they were able to jump into the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Of course, with the beta now come and gone, you will be able to show them off during the launch week of the game and beyond. But, you can’t grab them anymore, unfortunately. However, some of the blueprints here do offer a good setup so you may have one of the best guns and weapons in Modern Warfare 2 if you played the beta.

Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards

The Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards are as follows:

  • Smashed It animated emblem – unlocked at level 2
  • Buckle Up charm – unlocked at level 4
  • Passed The Test animated playing card – unlocked at level 6
  • Operation First Blood sticker – unlocked at level 10
  • Side Impact weapon blueprint – unlocked at level 15
  • Collision Operator skin – unlocked at level 18 (exclusive to week 2)
  • No Competition vinyl – unlocked at level 19 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Safety First sticker – unlocked at level 21 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Floor It vehicle skin – unlocked at level 26 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Frontal Impact weapon blueprint – unlocked at level 30 (exclusive to week 2)

As you can see, the list of rewards shows that Operators are back for Modern Warfare 2 and gives us at some of the blueprints. This is the way you can unlock the Side Impact weapon blueprint and unlock the Frontal Impact weapon blueprint. You can check out the images of all the rewards below:

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards: The Beta rewards can be seen in an image.

So now you have the full list of Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards, you can begin getting ready for the game by taking a look at the full list Modern Warfare 2 guns or getting an overview of Modern Warfare 2 crossplay.