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All 6 Blue Protocol classes

The Blue Protocol classes offer six distinct ways to play Bandai Namco's MMORPG game, and mastering them will give you the edge over enemies on PS5 and Xbox.

Blue Protocol classes: A Spell Weaver giving the peace sign

What are the best Blue Protocol classes? In order to navigate the trails and tribulation of planet Regus, developer Bandai Namco has introduced several interchangeable Blue Protocol classes for players to get their hands on, and wrap their heads around on PS5 and Xbox.

Ahead of the western Blue Protocol release date, we’ve not only compiled everything we currently know about the classes in what could become one of the best MMORPG games in recent years, but have offered our take on how to master them, as well as the best Blue Protocol classes currently available. Blue Protocol’s anime stylings and action RPG gameplay may draw comparisons to the likes of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, but its difficulty level is much, much greater so be sure to prepare well.

Blue Protocol classes list

The six Blue Protocol classes are:

  • Blade Warden
  • Twin Striker
  • Keen Strider
  • Spell Weaver
  • Foe Breaker
  • Blitz Lancer

Blue Protocol classes: Blade Warden

Blade Warden

Serving as Blue Protocol’s tank class, the Blade Warden utilizes a classic combination of sword and shield to halt the enemy’s advance, and create the space needed for its team to unload devastating damage. The Blade Warden is also able to fight under its own steam, thanks to the guard counter mechanic which rewards timely blocks with the chance to get your own back.

The Blade Warden’s special mechanic is the Shield Gauge, which when active grants the ability to guard among other shield-based skills. However, should the gauge be depleted, then the Blade Warden will acquire the Guard Break status debuff, removing access to both guarding and the aforementioned skills.

The Blade Warden’s ultimate skill grants it access to a second gauge, which according to ‘Aethersong’ can be charged with consecutive attacks. Once activated, it’ll grant allies regeneration and bonus defense – another string to your bow of protection.

Though the Blade Warden’s playstyle may initially appear simple, you’ll not only have to ensure you’re generating enough aggro to keep enemies off of your team, but you’ll have to get your timings right when looking for the counter, too. As with other MMOs, a good tank is the foundation of any team, so unless you’re willing to step up, make calls, and own your Ls if it all goes wrong, we’d suggest opting for another class.

Blue Protocol classes: Twin Striker

Twin Striker

If you want to live out your best berserker fantasy, then the Twin Striker is absolutely the class for you. Kitted out with dual-axes, the Twin Striker loves to use its agility to get in close, before unleashing a flurry of powerful blows in quick succession.

Of course, if you do take a few knocks in the process, the Twin Striker has you covered. Thanks to abilities like Warcry – which grants Super Armor – and Blood Axe – which restores HP based on damage dealt – this fighter can keep on pummeling without fear of instantly going down.

The Twin Striker’s unique mechanic is the Combo Gauge, granting it a stacking damage buff of up to 30% that slowly grows with each attack landed on an enemy. As such, you’ll want to try and avoid getting hit too often while you deftly extend your chain. When the gauge is full, take the opportunity to unleash the Twin Striker’s ultimate skill, Vortex Impact, to cleave an enemy down with maximal force.

While the promise of extra tankiness or HP absorption on-hit may grant the Twin Striker a pseudo-tankiness, don’t let it make you complacent in how you pilot it. Dodging and weaving while patiently building your Combo Gauge is the key to achieving success here, and your survivability skills should realistically only be used in a pinch. Of course, you can opt for a more fast-and-loose playstyle, but make sure you let your healer know beforehand…

Blue Protocol classes: Keen Strider

Keen Strider

A jack of many trades, the Keen Strider is a mid-long range support archer that boasts the ability to deal AoE damage, heal party members (looking at you, Twin Striker players), and apply status conditions such as sleep to unwitting enemies.

The name of the Keen Strider’s unique gauge has yet to be revealed, but once filled it can be consumed to heal the party. As such, the Keen Strider takes on a unique role when compared to more traditional MMO supports, which traditionally take on the form of mages as opposed to archers. Overwatch 2 players may find similarities between Keen Strider and Ana, though Blue Protocol’s sharpshooting harmacist looks to have extra damaging skills up its sleeves.

OW2 enjoyers may also note the similarity between the Keen Strider’s Ultimate Skill, Mortal Gravity, and Zarya’s own Graviton Surge. Here, the Keen Strider fires an arrow which drags in and damages enemies over time, collecting them like the best Pokémon cards in order to eviscerate multiple targets at once.

The Keen Strider looks to be one of the most creative classes in Blue Protocol, thanks to its variety of roles – ranged DPS, healer, and debuffer. Should you wish to take up the bow, then be prepared to master the multiple jobs the Keen Strider must juggle in order to be an effective asset to the party.

Blue Protocol classes: Spell Weaver

Spell Weaver

Ah, the Spell Weaver. For many, mages represent the ultimate power fantasy in MMOs and ARPGs, and Blue Protocol’s own long-range magic-based DPS is no exception. However, the Spell Weaver isn’t only good for pumping out big damage numbers, but its spells can also apply status effects to enemies.

The Spell Weaver’s unique mechanic is the EP Gauge – Blue Protocol’s version of MP. When empty, Spell Weavers will no longer be able to cast spells, and must channel in a stationary position to refill the gauge. While this leaves you prone to attacks, being able to drop a gigantic meteor on a foe with ultimate skill Meteo Inferno is absolutely worth those moments of vulnerability.

Indeed, while the Spell Weaver lacks the mobility and bonus dodge mechanics afforded to some of the other Blue Protocol classes, it more than makes up for it with monstrous damage. Perfectly timing your spells and meticulously managing your EP Gauge are the core tenets of becoming an unkillable DPS machine, making Spell Weaver an incredibly challenging, yet incredibly rewarding class to pick up.

Blue Protocol classes: Foe Breaker

Foe Breaker

If your team comp is in need of a little extra mettle, then the hammer-having Foe Breaker is not only great for bonking beasties, but can also serve as an off-tank to relieve pressure from your Blade Warden. The Foe Breaker can also provide crowd control under certain circumstances by making use of its raw power to beat down and brush aside select foes.

The Foe Breaker’s unique mechanic is the Cartridge System. Cartridges are consumed by the Foe Breaker in order to use skills at both close and medium range – yes, the hammer is also a gun. Once out of cartridges, said skills can’t be utilized until cartridges are reloaded, much in the same vein as the Blade Warden’s Shield Gauge.

While the Foe Breaker isn’t nearly as nimble as the Twin Striker, it is much better suited for players who don’t really care for taking hits while getting in close to let off high-damage hits. This is thanks to the Foe Breaker’s incredibly high HP, ability to self-apply Super Armor, and access to special cartridge types that provide self-healing – you can see this in action below courtesy of ‘Arekkz Gaming’.

YouTube Thumbnail

For us, the Foe Breaker represents the most interesting Blue Protocol class so far. Blending tankiness with those slow and satisfyingly-heavy hits, the Foe Breaker gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to dealing and tanking large amounts of damage at close to medium range. As with many of the other classes, resource management and making the most from your cartridges will be paramount to your success.

Blue Protocol classes: Blitz Lancer

Blitz Lancer

While little has been revealed about the Blitz Lancer just yet – including its localized name – a limited amount of gameplay has been showcased by the developers ahead of its August 2023 release.

YouTube Thumbnail

From what we’ve seen so far, the Blitz Lancer will make use of its nimbleness to fight at ferocious speeds, weaving in ground combos with aerial attacks. Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI fans will of course draw immediate comparisons between the Blitz Lancer and the lancer-based classes featured in the best MMORPG game and best RPG game the legendary franchise has to offer.

According to TergoLive, the Blitz Lancer’s unique mechanic revolves around applying marks with basic attacks, before expunging them with the alt-click. Whether or not this expands to the Blitz Lancer’s other skills remains to be seen, though we’d expect there to be heavy integration across the board.

What is the best Blue Protocol class?

The best Blue Protocol class is entirely subjective to the individual player, as right now each of Blue Protocol’s classes fulfils a very specific niche and role.

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For us, the Foe Breaker’s design is easily the most unique of the six Blue Protocol class options, though that’s not to say it’s the most powerful. Of course, when the game finally releases in the West we may see specific metas begin to form when it comes to optimal party setups, though for now we’d absolutely recommend sticking to your gut and opting for the class that best-fulfils the in-game fantasy you wish to experience.

And that’s all you need to know about the Blue Protocol classes for now. As we continue to hurtle towards launch day in the West, be sure to check back as new footage and further info on new classes becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the other best PS5 RPG games and best Xbox RPG games. Have fun!