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Black Myth Wukong difficulty may be more Stellar Blade than Elden Ring

There may be more Black Myth Wukong bosses than you can shake a magical staff at when the action-filled RPG arrives on PS5 and Xbox this August.

Black Myth Wukong bosses 80 Stellar Blade Elden Ring: Eve wearing a gold outfit and glasses, next to the sage monkey

2024 marks the year we finally get to get hands-on with Game Science’s gorgeous-looking adaptation of the classic Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West,’ Black Myth Wukong. With an August 20 release date firmly in the book, it’s peak leak season for the PS5 and Xbox game. And from the latest round of rumors, it looks like we won’t be short of things to do. There’s also potentially good news for fans of games like Stellar Blade, as it is supposedly more Eve, less evil on the difficulty front – don’t worry, Elden Ring fans, there are still apparently tons of Black Myth Wukong bosses to kill.

As shared by leaker ‘Lunatic Ignus,’ it isn’t just a slightly more forgiving difficulty ceiling and a similar combat system basis that makes Black Myth Wukong comparable to Stellar Blade – one of this year’s best games so far. Like ShiftUp’s Naytiba-slashing hit, Game Science is reportedly treating us to multiple endings, as well as the day-one inclusion of New Game+. Needless to say, there’s plenty of replayability here should the leak prove true.

Though, yes, it does seem like Black Myth Wukong won’t offer the same level of unforgivingness as many of the best Soulslike games, that’s not to say the new PS5 game and new Xbox game won’t offer up plenty of challenging bosses – over 80, according to Lunatic Ignus, alongside over 160 different types of enemy. Though I’m expecting many of these encounters to be reskins in the same vein as the Elden Ring bosses, that’s still way more large or major encounters than Stellar Blade.

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Of course, quantity seldom trumps quality, and Game Science is going to need to be at the top of its game to match ShiftUp’s excellent boss design. From what I’ve watched of Black Myth Wukong’s gameplay so far, though, I am quietly confident that the studio will be able to deliver the goods. With Summer Game Fest around the corner, we could have some of these details officially confirmed, though this is typically the sort of information revealed during dev interviews, so we’ll see.

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