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Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast

Our Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast guide has all the latest information on who is playing your favourite action game characters in PlatinumGames' latest

Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast bayonetta looking at the camera

The witch Cereza is back for Bayonetta 3 – the long-awaited third entry in the action game series from PlatinumGames. If squeezing yourself into a skin-tight leather suit, putting on your best heels, and grabbing a couple of pistols from your drawer to fight the forces of heaven and hell in style sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll also want to know the Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast to see who plays your favourite in-game characters.

Order yourself a new controller because learning all of the Bayonetta combos and mashing buttons late into the night while taking on gigantic bosses is what the series is all about. Those bosses are full of style, panache, and personality, and that can only happen because the Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast are so good at bringing the pixels we see on-screne to life.

Read on below for our list of all the action game’s actors. We’ll update this guide with more as and when the information becomes available. For now, this is everything we know.

Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast

The confirmed Bayonetta 3 voice actors and cast making in appearance in the third game are as follows:

  • Bayonetta – Unknown
  • Phantasmaraneae – Tommie Earl Jenkins

Bayonetta – everything we know about who plays her

While Bayonetta has previously been played by Hellena Taylor, the voice actor recently tweeted that fans may have to get used to playing the series without her voice. The Bayonetta 3 trailer also features a different voice actor for Bayonetta herself, which suggests that we might be getting a different Bayonetta voice actor this time around.

Phantasmaraneae – everything we know

Tommie Earl Jenkins took to Twitter to announce that Bayonetta 3 was one of his upcoming appearances for 2022. This correlates with his IMDB page, which states that he is playing “Phantasmaranea.” We expect this to be a typo for the character of Phantasmaraneae, who was a demon boss from the previous Bayonetta games.

Those are all of the Beyonna 3 voice actors and cast that we know of so far. Details are sparse as PlatinumGames is keeping this one under wraps, but you can read our Bayonetta 3 characters guide to find out everyone we know about,  or the brand-new witch in training Viola.