Bayonetta 3 characters – who’s in the PlatinumGames’ sequel?

That's right, Bayonetta fans - a sequel to PlatinumGames' 2014 release Bayonetta 2 is on the way and here's what we know about all the Bayonetta 3 characters

Bayonetta 3 characters: An image of a woman in glasses waving with a blue glove

It’s safe to say that Bayonetta 2 fans have had to wait quite a while for a sequel to PlatinumGames’ 2014 action-adventure game – but, that long wait is finally over. Bayonetta 3 is coming and the Bayonetta 3 release date is close than you might think. However, what do we know about the Bayonetta 3 characters?

Well, we know there are going to be a few new Bayonetta 3 characters – as every sequel needs a few new faces – but, who actually are these new additions to the Bayonetta universe? What do we actually know about them? These are certainly questions we’re asking, and they’re important questions to ask if you want to know more about this sequel and what to expect.

So, although details are a little light right now, we have everything you need to know about all the important characters we’ve seen from Bayonetta 3 footage so far – and, we’ll make sure we update this guide with any more information when it becomes available as we approach the game’s launch.

Bayonetta 3 characters

Alright, let’s get stuck into this shall we? Here are all the major characters in Bayonetta 3 – well, the one’s that we know about – at the moment:

  • Bayonetta
  • Rodin
  • Luka
  • Jeanne
  • Viola
  • An unknown Umbra Witch


Bayonetta, a stage name of sorts for Cereza, is a famed Umbra Witch and one of the primary protagonists of Bayonetta 3 – if the title of the game didn’t give it away. She’s a playable character in the first two Bayonetta games and we don’t think this is going to change in the threequel either.

Considered as a bit of a black sheep, Bayonetta is a talented Bullet Arts fighter – an Umbra Witch fighting style that blends melee attacks and gunfire (which makes up a lot of the combat Bayonetta games traditionally offer) – and she also has god-like power with the Left Eye of Darkness. Throughout the series, she comes across as self-assured and nonchalant. However, despite a near-constant use of sarcasm and witty wordplay, she does also show outwardly that she cares for those around her – on occasion anyway.

Bayonetta 3 characters: A woman in glasses posing with two guns


Rodin, who’s also referred to as ‘the Infinite One’ in the Bayonetta series, is a bartender at the Gates of Hell and a demon weapons dealer – because one job isn’t enough. He’s Bayonetta’s go-to when it comes to weaponry and an important ally for the Umbra Witch.

Interestingly, Rodin is a playable character in certain instances throughout the Bayonetta series. So, we could see him be a playable character in some instances in Bayonetta 3, too. He might come across as a little aloof and detached from the reality around him, but that’s probably because he’s been around a while – what with him being a fallen angel and all.

Bayonetta 3 characters: A man in shades and a fedora looking angry


Luka, nicknamed Cheshire by Bayonetta, is a journalist who works with the Umbra Witch in a professional capacity thanks to their shared interests. Early on in the series, he believes her to be a cold-blooded murderer who killed his father – however, this is all cleared up pretty quickly and the two become tolerant of one another as they learn to work together to achieve common goals.

As a character who doesn’t display any sort of relative competence when it comes to the combat in the series, he hasn’t been a playable character yet. However, this could change with Bayonetta 3. As a fan-favourite, we certainly hope this is the case – although, he may just be a another recurring side character.

Bayonetta 3 characters: A man wearing a fedora tipping it and winking


Jeanne is one of the most interesting characters in the Bayonetta series, acting as the namesake protagonists’ best friend and rival. She’s the former heiress to the Umbra Witches, meaning she was set to become their leader at some point, and a skilled combatant Bayonetta is fortunate to call an ally.

Much like the other secondary characters mentioned above, Jeanne has been a playable character in some instances in the past – so, we’re likely to see this replicated to some extent in Bayonetta 3. Interestingly, despite maintaining her silver hair, Jeanne’s character design in Bayonetta 3 is quite different to her design in the previous two games in the series.

Bayonetta 3 characters: An image of a woman in a pink and purple jumpsuit and a fur coat with white hair


As someone new to the Bayonetta universe for Bayonetta 3, we don’t actually know a lot about Viola. She’s an Umbra Witch-in-training who appears to be something of a companion to Luka, but that’s about all we know right now.

You can find out more in our dedicated Bayonetta 3 Viola character guide right here. As an Umbra Witch, it could be that we see Viola become playable in some instances in the same way that Jeanne and Rodin are playable in some cases.

Bayonetta 3 characters: An image of a woman with short white hair and blue lipstick looking angry

An unknown Umbra Witch

It looks like there’s another new Umbra Witch character coming to the Bayonetta universe in Bayonetta 3. Donning some sort of eye patch, not a lot is known about this character right now. However, they are shown to help Bayonetta in the release date reveal trailer – so, we could see them become a stalwart ally and (possibly) a playable character in the future.

Bayonetta 3 characters: A woman with an eyepatch wearing gilded red and gold armour

Well, there it is – a rundown of all the main characters we know are going to show up in PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 3. We’ll be sure to update this list when more information becomes available – but, there’s also bound to be a surprise or two that we’ll just have to wait for.