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Best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout

Looking for the best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout? Here’s what you’ll need to turn the successor of the SCAR-H into a fast-firing beast.

Best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout: A woman leads thje charge on the ground after getting out of a helicopter

 Battlefield 2042 is no longer receiving major updates and additional content.

Looking for a reliable assault rifle that packs a punch? Well the SFAR-M GL might be the weapon for you. This gun, which is the big brother to the SCAR-H, chambers NATO 7.62 rounds in Battlefield 2042, and comes with a whole host of attachments. So many, in fact, that finding which ones work for the best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout is a bit of a chore.

So, what exactly do you need to equip? Well, read on to see what attachments, gadgets, and classes we’ve paired with this SOCOM-specific gun that’ll make it perfect for the battleground, regardless of what mode you play.

Best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout

The best Battlefield 2042 SFAR-M build is:

  • Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x
  • Champion Muzzle Brake
  • High-Power / Drum
  • 40mm Smoke

If you’re looking to play a hybrid role – that is someone who’s willing to attack and defend objectives, then this best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout is for you. Since this gun chambers 7.62 rounds, it has one of the best damage outputs in the game. It’s imperative, therefore, that you need to give yourself long-range and short-range options via the Plus Menu.

For the default scope, we’ve opted for the Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x scope, which will allow you to flick between magnifications at will. This will keep you in medium to long-range battles as you rush to take objectives on one of the many Battlefield 2042 maps. For an alternative sight, we’d recommend the XDR Holo, which is built for close-quarters combat.

In the barrel department, we’ve opted for the Champion Muzzle Break, as it helps improve your vertical recoil control. The Wrapped Suppressor comes in second, but only because it suppresses sound and keeps you off the minimap while firing.

Ammunition-wise, we’ve opted for the High Power/Drum mag, which increases the gun’s ammo capacity. It does come at the cost of reload speed, but when you’re attacking a hotly-contended objective, those 50 bullets come in handy.

For mounts, you don’t have a lot of options. The SFAR-M comes with a grenade launcher, which can fire 40mm AP, 40mm Smoke, or 40mm Incendiary rounds. We’d recommend the AP or the smoke here, depending on what your team role is going to be. We’ve chosen 40mm Smoke because it’s easier to steal objectives with cover.

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Best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout gadget

With the drum mag on the SFAR-M, prepare to burn through your ammo quickly. With that in mind, the best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout gadget is the Ammo Crate. That’ll keep you in the fight for longer and help out your team in the process.

Best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout specialist class

Between the various classes and specialists, you’re spoiled for choice in Battlefield 2042. However, we recommend Support or Assault for the best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout. Support will keep you and your team alive and stocked up at all times. On the other hand, Assault – as you might’ve guessed by the name – is all about offensive pressure.

So, there you go – our best SFAR-M Battlefield 2042 loadout, and with it, you’ll have one of the best Battlefield 2042 guns you can get.