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Battlefield 2042’s December update will make 218 changes

Expect to see plenty of quality of life updates, including weapon balancing, vehicles tuning, in the biggest Battlefield 2042 update yet

Battlefield 2042 update 3: a medic looks at the defib in his hands

Battlefield 2042’s launch has been met with a pretty mixed reception to say the least. While it’s one of Steam’s most played games at the moment, it’s also one of the worst reviewed games on the platform, with missing legacy features, server issues, bullet spread, and vehicle balancing all leaving players unsatisfied.

However, despite pulling in “almost twice as many” players than Battlefield V at launch, DICE is working on two large Battlefield 2042 updates that should improve many of the issues highlighted by the community so far, according to a new blog post. While much requested legacy features like voice chat, an end-of-match scoreboard, and a server browser are certainly being considered, they won’t be making an appearance in either of these two newly-announced updates.

What will, though, are changes to the bloom of Battlefield 2042’s arsenal and the game’s overpowered hovercraft, which quite frankly make playing on certain maps miserable.

Battlefield 2042 update two, which drops tomorrow (November 25), is something of a hotfix in comparison to much meatier update three – which includes 218 changes detailed in 3,000 words of patch notes.

In update two, soldier revive problems are being fixed, the UAV-1 is being reenabled on Bad Company 2 maps, the Hovercraft and the Nightbird are being tweaked, and dispersion will be reduced for all weapons apart from shotguns.

It’s update three, which will be the game’s biggest since launch, where things get interesting though. DICE is making a series of quality of life changes, such as improving the menus, matchmaking, progression unlocks, and more. Weekly missions are going to be added to help players progress faster and new templates for Battlefield Portal including – get this – a Rush mode for Battlefield 2042 maps will be added.

Elsewhere, the missile hit registration problem will be fixed, stationary zoomed accuracy for the best Battlefield 2042 guns will be increased, the PP-29 will be nerfed, and Hazard Zone issues will be ironed out.

The best addition of all though, is that you’ll now be shown players within a 50m radius who can revive you.

It’s a long old list – and the game certainly needs it – so we’ll just have to wait and see what sort of an effect it has in-game. Battlefield 2042 update three drops in early December. You can read the full patch notes here.