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Is Avowed multiplayer?

Find out if Avowed multiplayer co-op is planned for the game, with the next big Obsidian Xbox RPG set to hit PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Avowed Multiplayer: A hand and sword can be seen

Is Avowed multiplayer co-op? Obsidian’s RPG is hotly anticipated amongst PC and Xbox players. The expansive world, fantasy setting, and melee-based combat have captured the attention of longtime Fallout fans and first-person RPG players.

Being able to play Avowed with your friend would really add to the experience for many players, being able to journey across the land with a friend, take down dragons and other creatures, and work together. But, what has Obsidian said about the feature and have they made any indications to include it? Here’s what we know about the feature being in what could become one of the best Xbox RPGs and best Xbox games.

Is Avowed multiplayer?

Avowed multiplayer co-op has not been confirmed yet. Obsidian hasn’t revealed much about the game yet or if it will have any co-op or multiplayer features. We will have to wait until the studio reveals more to find out if they are planning to include the feature. 

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We should hopefully get more information on the game soon, so multiplayer could be confirmed when we finally see gameplay.

That covers what we know about Avowed multiplayer co-op. For even more on the game, check out what we know about the game as of right now, including when you may be able to play with the latest Avowed release date info.