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Atomic Heart’s robot twins are sending fans to horny jail

There are quite a few reasons to look forward to Mundfish's new action-RPG, but fans online are obsessed with Atomic Heart's robot twins and their horny teasers

Atomic Heart Robot Woman twins fan edit: an image of a metal woman from the action FPS RPG game

We don’t know about you, but when we think of an alternative history where the Soviet Union has advanced robotics to the point of automaton hiveminds and brain-altering neuro-polymers by the mid-1950s, we don’t think about sexy robots. However, that looks like it might change after a few hours with Atomic Heart. Why? Well, Atomic Heart’s robot twins are becoming something of an obsession for fans of the game – with some claiming that there will be six whole hours of adult fun-time with them in-game. While we’re not exactly surprised by this, it does prove that Atomic Heart fans should be in horny jail – or a horny gulag, if you will.

In the pre-launch footage from Mundfish ahead of the Atomic Heart release date, the dynamo duo in question appear quite frequently – and one of them is featured in the game’s key art alongside the protagonist: Major Nechaev. As you’ll be able to see in the trailers and gameplay footage below, they’re shown to be offering the player some kind of key, having their featureless face caressed by the player-character, and even squatting over them quite suggestively.

This has, as mentioned above, thrown Atomic Heart’s fans into (for lack of a better term) some sort of robot-horny frenzy. Okay, “frenzy” might be a little extravagant; but, they’re certainly more than interested in this polished pair – and Mundfish aren’t doing anything to discourage it.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that Mundfish are somewhat encouraging it. All you need to do is take a look at the developer’s Twitter feed to see that they’re retweeting posts about the robot twins – horny and otherwise – while even posting rear-shots of the character models for asking fans. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, but it’s clear that Mundfish’s social media manager knows what Atomic Heart fans want – and they’re giving them it.

Well, they’re almost giving them what they want. Some Atomic Heart fans have taken matters into their own hands – and NSFW artwork is just one avenue of that (and one we’re not going to discuss here). Shared to the Atomic Heart subreddit by ‘SmokeyYogurt‘, fans are even splicing together official clips to create some sort of horny montage of the game’s robot twins. As you can see below, there’s around a minute of footage out there so far, and it’s tastefully set to Tame Impala.

6 hour more of this? Sign me up from atomicheart

Out of context, quite a lot of this footage could be seen as a strange interpretive dance. With the context of Atomic Heart fan’s thirsting over these two, it becomes a whole different video – and one we’re expecting to see quite a few iterations of now and when Atomic Heart is available.

Interestingly, though, while the Reddit post does suggest that there’s going to be six hours of that in Atomic Heart with the two robot twins, we can’t actually find any evidence that’s true.

YouTube Thumbnail

Looking at the Xbox store page for Atomic Heart, there’s no mention of sex or sexual activity when you look at the game’s rating. Atomic Heart will have use of alocohol, blood and gore, strong language, and intense violence, but only partial nudity. This is supported by Twisted Voxel‘s report on the game’s Singaporean ratings – something that confirms life-size sex dolls and “naked human characters in glass cells, without explicit details of nudity” will be present, but no actual sexual activity.

So, will this particular sect of Atomic Heart fans get what they’re hoping for? We’re not so sure; however, we should see a little more from the two robot women getting everyone so excited. So, it isn’t all bad. Is that going to make it one of the best PS5 games / best Xbox games when it drops? Only time will tell, but we certainly think the setting it’s presenting players with is an interesting one.