Is Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart?

If you want to prove you’re the best agent around in the alternate USSR, you may be wondering if there is an Atomic Heart Hardcore mode or not.

Atomic Heart Hardcore mode: Robots and traps in Atomic Heart

A lot of players like to up the challenge, and an Atomic Heart Hardcore mode would be great for those who want to play the most difficult version of the game. Whether you want to do it for bragging rights or to 100% the game, it’s a worthy challenge to take part in.

During our Atomic Heart review playtime, we spent time learning about the Atomic Heart difficulty options while messing around with all of the Atomic Heart weapons. However, the possibility of a Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart is an exciting prospect, and one we’d like to experience.

Is Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart?

It appears there is no Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart right now, however, the Atomic Heart trophy or achievement asks players to complete the game in Hardcore mode.

Strangely enough, some players have unlocked the trophy according to PSNProfiles. But the rest of the community is stumped on how to unlock or play Hardcore mode in Atomic Heart as nothing was unlocked for a number of players upon beating the game on the hardest difficulty.

It could be a mistranslation with the trophy, and it actually means the current hardest difficulty. Or it could be a secret difficulty option we haven’t found yet. We’ll be sure to update this article once we know how to play this elusive mode, if it does exist.

Now you know about Atomic Heart Hardcore mode , you can go back to killing those nasty robots. Fortunately, we have a great Atomic Heart walkthrough filled with guides if you need some help.