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Is Atomic Heart on Game Pass?

Find out all of Atomic Heart Game Pass details, including whether the game is part of the popular Xbox subscription service or not.

Is Atomic Heart on Game Pass: Robot clown-like statue in Atomic Heart

The world of Atomic Heart is set to take us on a dangerous journey across an alternate Soviet Union, but some may be wondering if they can experience Atomic Heart on Game Pass when it finally releases.

Whether you’re looking forward to blasting down some soulless robots, or you’re one of those fans getting horny over Atomic Heart’s robot twins (hey, no judgement here), or keen to get stuck in to any of the other activities detailed in our Atomic Hearts review, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to know if it’s on Game Pass.

Yes, Atomic Heart is on Xbox Game Pass.

The game is on both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

That means you can use your existing subscription to download the game, or you can find a good deal below to play Atomic Heart without paying full price.

Now you know all of the Atomic Heart Game Pass details, we hope you’ll enjoy it. For those wondering if Atomic Heart has multiplayer however, you may be disappointed to find out it isn’t.