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Is Atomic Heart multiplayer?

The world of Atomic Heart is as dangerous as it is beautiful, but is there Atomic Heart multiplayer and can you bring a friend to help you?

Atomic Heart Multiplayer: A person can be seen using a power

The delightfully strange and eerie world of Atomic Heart is almost upon us, but many players will be wondering if they can bring a friend to help in the form of Atomic Heart multiplayer. The team behind the first-person shooter, Mundfish, has previously teased elements of multiplayer, including a PvP region, so it’s certainly not out of the question.

Considering there are a lot of evil robots and rogue AI going haywire in Atomic Heart’s Soviet Union, it would help to have a friendly face, but is it possible? Here’s what we know as we approach the Atomic Heart release date.

Is Atomic Heart multiplayer?

Atomic Heart does not feature any multiplayer or co-op elements, according to Game Director Robert Bagratuni in an interview with Wccftech. Despite promising some form of multiplayer early in development, Bagratuni says they had to “abandon some ideas, even very big ones, like multiplayer.”

That does mean you’ll have to deal with the robots on your own, but Atomic Heart looks pretty unique and incredible, so we’ll still be playing it. However, in the same interview, Robert Bagratuni does confirm the DLCs will “greatly expand the features” of the game, so you have that to look forward to as well.

We know that some of you may be disappointed with the news that Atomic Heart multiplayer isn’t happening. However, there are plenty of games to play with friends by checking out the best PS5 co-op games, or those on Xbox can find some in our full Xbox Game Pass games list.