As Dusk Falls traits list

Looking for a full list of the As Dusk Falls traits list? Here are all of them that you can earn while playing through the game's six chapters

As Dusk Falls Traits List: Michelle can be seen comforting Vince

Traits are one of the ways As Dusk Falls displays information summarising your choices. These allow you to look back upon your choices and see how you acted. And, if you acted in ways that reflected how you would act in real life, they may even reveal something about your personality. But, you won’t get all these traits on your first playthrough, so we have compiled this list of the As Dusk Falls traits.

This list will allow you to see all of the different threads that the dialogue can take you down and what they represent. Some are simple binary opposites, but others are more in-depth and harder to see in the moment when making your choices.

So, be sure to read on to see a full As Dusk Falls traits list with what each one represents when it comes to the game’s dialogue options.

As Dusk Falls traits list

There are 12 traits in As Dusk Falls that can be given to you at the end of the chapters. They are:

  • Brave
  • Cautious
  • Confident
  • Determined
  • Fierce
  • Instinctive
  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Principled
  • Sincere
  • Trusting

The Brave trait represents dialogue options that showed you were willing to take risks even if it put you at risk, while the Cautious trait is the opposite. You often avoided these risks and played the safe option. Confidence is focused on having your head held high and not being intimidated or shy when confronting new people.

The Determined trait is not holding back anything or focusing on small talk. If you get this you cut through the chitchat to get straight to the issue at hand. The Fierce trait often means that you were aggressive right from the get-go and not trusting of virtually anyone you interacted with. It can also be applied if you insulted people. Next is the Instinctive trait which relates to decisions you made that you thought about, properly deciding on the best choice.

Being Kind is key to often pleasing everyone in As Dusk Falls and you will get this trait if you are empathetic. The Loyal trait is about choices and dialogue options you choose that display your loyalty to those around you, this can be people and also goals. Following that is the Playful trait which means you didn’t take situations seriously and often cracked a joke or two.

The Principled trait means you often acted morally and were focused on doing the right thing within conversations. Sincerity reflects showing your genuine feelings and acting in an honest manner. Finally, the Trusting trait means you often decided to trust individuals, even if you considered them to be suspicious or hiding something.

For more tips on As Dusk Falls, be sure to check out our walkthrough and an overview of the As Dusk Falls values that you can also earn in each chapter.

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