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As Dusk Falls values list

Looking for a list of the As Dusk Falls Values to see which ones you didn't get? Here are all of them that showed your moral compass while playing

As Dusk Falls Values: Bear and Jay can be seen sitting on a porch

As Dusk Falls has a number of different systems and mechanics that help you track your decisions and the mentality behind those decisions. But, you won’t see them all in your first playthrough so this As Dusk Falls values list will take you through all of them and what they mean.

These values are given to you at the end of each chapter and reflect the majority of your choices and decisions within that chapter. For example, if you choose dialogue options or make decisions based on being honest, you will get the Honesty trait.

There are a good number of them that you can get at the end of a chapter. If you change your decision-making mentality from chapter to chapter it can reveal deep insights if you play the game in a way that reflects how you would act in these situations in real life. So, be sure to continue reading for the full As Dusk Falls Values list.

As Dusk Falls Values

There are eight values in As Dusk Falls that represent the core values behind your decisions as you played through the game. They are:

  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Honor
  • Justice
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Safety

The Family value represents sticking by your family when playing as Zoe, Jay or Vince, and this can be different between the two chapters depending on whether they focus on the Holts or Walkers. Freedom, however, is more about going the lone path and seeking to be free from your past and those who are restricting you.

Honesty is well, about being honest to those around you or to authorities. Honor is focused on decisions and dialogue choices that protect your reputation and showcase your authority. Next, Justice is about holding those who do wrong by you to account for their crimes or actions. This covers both criminal acts and simpler lies and falsehoods you have the option to not tell.

Love is focused on acts and decisions that are about protecting and doing the best for those you love. Peace is all about seeking sanctuary either from your past or from those around you. Finally, safety is a value that reflects the choices you make which are focused on protecting yourself or those around you.

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