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As Dusk Falls crossplay and cross-platform support explained

Planning to team up with your friends and experience Interior Night's game together? Here is what you need to know about As Dusk Falls crossplay

As Dusk Falls Crossplay: The three Holt brothers can be seen side by side.

As Dusk Falls takes a very unique approach to multiplayer by having you and your buddies choose options and make decisions, rather than each controlling a character. But, if you do plan on playing with others on PC or Xbox consoles you likely want to know if Interior Night is supporting As Dusk Falls crossplay and cross-platform support?

Crossplay has become a key feature for almost any game with multiplayer, and Microsoft has been supporting this effort across their published games. Most recently we have seen crossplay in Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

This article will cover As Dusk Falls’ crossplay and cross-platform support and how you can make use of it within the multiplayer. We will also touch on how using the As Dusk Falls companion app works and if crossplay is supported when using it.

As Dusk Falls crossplay

As Dusk Falls has full crossplay support and cross-platform play on Xbox consoles, PC, and if you are playing while using the companion app. This means that no matter what platform your group of friends are playing on, you can have them join your game and make decisions.

Crossplay across PC and Xbox works as you would expect as the game uses invite codes. So, you don’t need to matchmake or log in to any accounts, as anyone can join using the generated code.

If you are using the mobile companion app, you will need to either be playing the game on an Xbox console or a PC, as all the app does is replace the controller or mouse and keyboard. However, once you have joined a multiplayer game (or beforehand), you can simply change your controller input to the mobile app using the generated code in the main menu.

That covers As Dusk Falls’ crossplay and cross-platform support, so you should be fully briefed when it comes to playing with your friends. Now, you can begin to discover the story that awaits. For more on how to play As Dusk Falls, read our overview of everything to know when it comes to As Dusk Falls on Game Pass.

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