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As Dusk Falls chapter list - every chapter in the game

Looking for a full rundown of the As Dusk Falls chapter list and how the chapters are split into two books? This aritcle is the place to be

As Dusk Falls Chapter List: a child can be seen looking at a forest.

As Dusk Falls is a relatively bite-size adventure that won’t take up much of your time, an afternoon at most. But, if you are planning to dedicate an evening or afternoon to the game, then you will want a full As Dusk Falls chapter list to see how many chapters it will take you to reach significant points in the game and cliffhangers.

Thankfully, each chapter is about 60 to 90 minutes in length so completing the game will take you close to 6-7 hours. And, on top of being able to go through each chapter in a new playthrough, the game supports full chapter select functionality so you can return to anywhere in the story, change your choices, and see completely different conclusions to plotlines.

So, read on below for that full As Dusk Falls chapter list before you begin playing on Xbox or PC.

As Dusk Falls chapter list

There are six chapters in the As Dusk Falls chapter list, with them split into two ‘Books’ each consisting of three of those chapters. The chapter list is as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Desert Dream
  • Chapter 2: Economics 101
  • Chapter 3: Small Seconds
  • Chapter 4: Shimá
  • Chapter 5: Paradise Found
  • Chapter 6: Cascade

The first three chapters focus on setting up the story and the core events that lead to the Walkers and Holts lives’ becoming intertwined. This is where the majority of the action happens, especially in Economics 101 and the Small Seconds chapters.

The second book focuses more on the aftermath of those events and the resolutions to the character’s plotlines. The focus is mostly placed on the time after the initial hostage situation, including when Zoe has grown up and is at university.

Now that you have that overview of the As Dusk Falls chapter list, you can begin getting stuck in. For more, be sure to take a look at our other guides including the length of As Dusk Falls and how the game’s multiplayer works.

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