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Is Arcadegeddon on Xbox Game Pass?

Curious if Acradegeddon is on Xbox Game Pass? Here is what we know about the shooter coming to the subscription service and what platforms it will support?

Arcadegeddon Game Pass: A person can be seen using a laptop while a robot floats.

Arcadegeddon is the latest multiplayer effort from Illfonic and it is set to release on Xbox consoles and PC. But, will Arcadegeddon be on Game Pass and will you be able to jump in and engage with its PvPvE challenges on the service?

Arcadegeddon seems like a ripe fit for the service, due to its multiplayer focus. And, with plans to consistently add new content, it would make sense for Illfonic to try and get people in the door so they can experience its arcade shooter action. The game has been in early access for more than a year, prior to its release as well so its launch will come with a lot of content.

This article will cover the game and also answer the question Is Arcadegeddon on Xbox Game Pass? So, you will know whether or not you need to buy the game or it will be added to the service on July 5.

Is Arcadegeddon on Xbox Game Pass?

No, Arcadegeddon is not on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft, nor Illfonic have either announced their intentions to bring the game to Game Pass at launch either.

But, there is a chance it could come to the service down the line, especially with it being a cooperative, multiplayer game that thrives on having enough players to support it.

For more on Arcadeageddon, be sure to check out everything there is to know about the game, now that the Arcadegeddon release date is here.

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