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April Fools 2023: the greatest gaming gags and esports jokes this year

Haven't caught up on some of the funniest April Fools 2023 news in gaming? We've made it easy and rounded up great gags and hilarious hijinks in one place.

The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog

Social media can be confusing at the best of times and April Fool’s Day adds to the concoction of carnage found within Twitter or Facebook. Rumours and speculation are commonplace in the gaming world, so you might well be wondering what is true or false when it comes to your favourite titles.

Well, you’re in for a treat this year, as games from Battlefield 2042 to Overwatch 2 have all chipped in with a dose of funnies for this year’s antics. Though we’re not saying all of these picks are bonafide bangers, you’ll certainly find a chuckle or two.

So, grab an ice-cold beverage and some popcorn, as we dig into some of the best April Fool’s Day 2023 gaming gags.

Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space crossover

The Battlefield franchise is known for out-of-this-world action, but we’re a little disappointed that this Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space crossover isn’t a real thing. Jumping onto the USG Ishimura with a squad of soldiers sounds like fun, especially if we could wield the Plasma Cutter. Though we might be wary of any pesky Necromancers. Well played EA.

Isaac Clarke in Battlefield 2042

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 John Wick Operator

Now this one from COD leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope’ is just cruel really. Modern Warfare 2 has plenty of operators, but mowing down hordes of players as the best hitman to ever grace theatre screens would definitely up the ante. John Wick has fought baddies in Fortnite and PayDay 2, but many Modern Warfare 2 fans are eager to see Keanu Reeves face off in Shipment with a tasty John Wick-inspired MW2 meta loadout. For now, it is just a pipe dream.

Overwatch 2 patch notes get out of hand

We’ve all got those Overwatch 2 characters that we’re dying to see get a brutal nerf. Developer Blizzard Entertainment knows this too. To celebrate this goofy old day, Overwatch 2 is dealing out some ridiculous buffs across the board in Arcade Mode. In the super serious and totally real Overwatch 2 patch notes from the developer, players can expect to see feats such as Cassidy gaining the ability to dodge ALL damage when Combat Roll is active. Genji might even heal himself this time when requesting vital life support, too.

The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog

We’re not sure even Benoit Blanc could solve this one. Yes, this is a real game available right now for all you SEGA heads out there. Was it Shadow after all these years? Or was Tails finally ready to take the spotlight? You’ve gotta go fast to figure it out.

Among Us is feeling a bit horse

Among Us always delivers the goods when it comes to April Fool’s Day and this year is no different. “Crewmates are now Horsemates in both Classic and Hide n Seek game modes,” says a recent post on the official Among Us Twitter page. Complete with a fresh western rebrand and new character models, this is a limited time to event you won’t want to miss out on. Let’s ride.

The Razer Razer shaving mouse

Crafting the perfect beard is an art form in itself. But what if we could nab a quick Fortnite dub AND look extra fly in the process? Well, the good folks at Razer have attempted to solve that issue with the Razer Razer – the world’s first shaving mouse, accompanied by RGB lights of course. We’ll take two.

Logan Paul and KSI present Metroid Prime Prime

Forget travelling all the way to Wakey Wines for a bottle of Logan Paul and KSI’s seemingly elusive beverage. The folks over at Vooks, one of Australia’s prevalent Nintendo communities, claim that a spicy collaboration between the two YouTubers and Metroid Prime is heading to a supermarket (in your dreams) soon. We wonder how much it’ll retail for on eBay or from the boot of a car at your local pub.

HyperX Cloud20 Headset

Pairing Metroid Prime Prime with the HyperX Cloud20 could be a winning combination if it were real of course. The gaming accessory company details that the “Cloud2O will spray you with water as a friendly reminder to always stay hydrated.” Let us fill it with Pepsi Max and you’ve got yourself a customer.

And there you have it – some of the best and the worst April Fools 2023 gaming gags to feast your eyes upon.

See you next time.