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Apex Legends community stumped by mysterious yellow symbol

In what might be the greatest mystery of Apex Legends Season 14, one player's screenshot has left the Apex community completely stumped

Apex Legends yellow symbol: Apex Legends' Wattson with a surprised expression

Apex Legends players love unravelling mysteries, but the latest conundrum that’s really got them stumped doesn’t involve hunting easter eggs, piecing together lore, or testing things until they break in the firing range.

At the time of writing on September 28, the most popular post on the Apex Legends subreddit right now sees the community bashing their heads against the wall trying to work out what a mysterious yet simple yellow symbol means. User ‘BoereGaming’ has uploaded a screenshot showing a glowing, yellowy-orange stroke mark next to their in-game name. Despite boasting a community of 2.2 million Apex Legends fans, no one is yet to figure out what on earth it actually means.

In the comments to the post, there is a wide range of theories, ranging from plausible to straight up ridiculous.

With it being shown next to the account name, many are speculating it could be down to something like being banned or under investigation after being reported. However, BoereGaming says that their account has never previously been banned or suspended, and jokes that the closest thing they’ve done to cheating in Apex is using a controller.

They also disprove another suggestion that it could indicate an EA Play subscription, as they are currently not part of the service and last had a subscription over three months ago.

Other theories that BoereGaming debunks include having a poor internet connection and this being some kind of new connection strength or latency symbol, and for this to simply be some kind of effect in the background glitching and staying in the same place (they claim two other friends in their party saw the same symbol appear next to BoereGaming’s name).

One theory that does have legs is that this is a stylised forward slash that would separate the names of two linked accounts, but that the second name is just not displaying correctly. BoereGaming says they do have a Steam account linked to their Origin account, but also this is not a particularly rare situation, so you’d expect someone else in the community to have seen this before.

With hundreds of confused Apex fans in the comments, we’ve reached out to Respawn for comment to see if we can put an end to The Mystery of the Yellow Line once and for all.

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