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Fresh Apex Legends leaks indicate February 2 Nintendo Switch release date

Screenshots from Amazon alongside copy on the game's official YouTube page all point towards February 2

With Apex Legends’ Season 8 set to kick off soon, the battle royale game is currently enjoying some solid growth on Steam, sporting over 100,000 concurrent players on the platform. With crossplay now a standard feature, the growing number of PC players are able to jump into the fray together with their console-based friends. That is, with the exception of those patiently awaiting the game’s Nintendo Switch release. However, a fresh round of leaks all point towards a February 2 launch – in-line with the advent of Season 8.

Back at the end of December, Reddit user ‘WaterGotHim’ shared a supposed message from a member of EA’s marketing division claiming that a February 1 release date was being targeted. Parts of the message, possibly pertaining to pricing or items bundled with the release, were blurred out. This at least indicates that there may be more details to be revealed, either officially or otherwise, in the lead up to the Switch launch.

Additionally, in the past week, two new posts have surfaced on the ApexUncovered subreddit, seemingly confirming that a February 2 launch is on the cards from Amazon’s Japanese and Mexican sites.

Meanwhile, a screenshot from the game’s Japanese YouTube page was posted to Twitter. There are a number of replies to it showing that this was not isolated to one language, with Danish, Russian, and Spanish versions also showcasing the Switch date.

Switch coming Feb 2 from ApexUncovered

With the introduction of a Switch port, it seems that Season 8 isn’t going to be the only shakeup for Apex’s player base.