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Apex Legends’ Season 17 teasers double down on Rumble LTM leaks

Apex Legends Season 17 teasers are starting to appear in the FPS and leakers are doubling down on the long-rumoured Rumble LTM coming in the next update.

Apex Legends Season 17 teaser rumble LTM leak: an image of Pathfinder from the battle royale

The next seasonal Apex Legends update from Respawn Entertainment is on the way, as it always is, and there’s going to be quite a bit to look forward to – if you’re a fan of chaos and destruction, that is. In February 2023, we talked about this Apex Legends Season 17 LTM leak and how it was going to remove one of the most unique things about this battle royale experience – the legends’ abilities. Now, in March 2023, we’re here to report that it looks like this wasn’t a pipe dream conjured by an Apex Legends fan looking to turn this FPS upside-down. No, it looks like Rumble is going to be a real mode that Apex Legends players can jump into when Season 17 drops.

Before we continue, we just want to make it clear that this is still an unannounced game mode – and things are subject to change. However, the sources reaffirming the existence of this LTM and it’s introduction in Season 17 are rarely wrong. We don’t know if it’s going to drop at the start of Apex Legends Season 17 or in a mid-season update, but it certainly looks like it’s coming.

How do we know this, though? Well, notable Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash has doubled-down on claims that the Rumble LTM is coming to Apex Legends Season 17 via Insider Gaming and shared a number of images of magazine covers players can find scattered about on Apex Legends’ maps.

If you’re unaware of what the Rumble LTM is going to entail, the long and short of it is that Rumble will be a 60-player solo mode that introduces random loadouts and ammo modifiers while removing legend abilities. It’s going to be a traditional ‘last man standing’ mode, but a lot more chaotic.

As you can see below, the magazines teasing the Rumble LTM also tease the addition of the long-rumoured Ballistic. This recent Apex Legends datamine teases an interesting detail about the leaked Ballistic, but these images seemingly confirm that this character will be the “next Apex competitor”.

Upcoming legend Ballistic and a New LTM Rumble Roual Teaser
by u/AaMiR_SkrilleX in ApexUncovered

Of course, though, they don’t go into too much detail outside of this – and, a lot of what we’re going to see from Ballistic does remain a mystery, even though there are some interesting leaks scattered about online.

We know the wait for Apex Legends’ Horizon heirloom might finally be ending, and that’s great if you’re a Horizon main, but the new Rumble LTM could really be a game-changer for Apex Legends. We don’t think it’s going to become anything permanent like the now-sunset Arenas mode, but we can certianly see it becoming a popular feature on Mixtape. It’s going to throw the Apex Legends tier list out the window – which isn’t a bad thing, on occassion.