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Apex Legends datamine teases interesting detail about leaked Ballistic

A new Apex Legends leak has just dropped and it could mean the upcoming character Ballistic is more important to this battle royale's lore than first thought.

Apex Legends datamine Ballistic voice lines Blisk: an image of the character from the battle royale game

If you’re an attentive Apex Legends fan, you’ll know that there’s a new leak – or some new data mined information – to talk about almost every day. And, when there isn’t a new Apex Legends leak to talk about, there’s a new theory about this battle royale’s future to discuss – you know, to fill the time. Of course, a lot of this is interesting conversation. However, quite a lot of it can be bogus – to put it politely. Thankfully, though, we have some hard evidence to talk about and it’s quite a bit more exciting than finding out that Octane is getting another legendary skin in the next Collection Event (as an example). A new batch of data mined Apex Legends voice lines are teasing some interesting information about Ballistic – a future participant of the Apex Games and quite possibly this battle royale’s next new character.

As you may already know, if you’re someone who keeps on top of the latest Apex Legends leaks, there has been quite a bit of discussion over the last few months of whether this mysterious Ballistic character is Kuben Blisk – the founder of the Apex Games and . The characters do share some resemblence, looking at what limited information we have about them both, and they’re both rumoured to be Assault legends. However, beyond that, there hasn’t been anything to say that they’re not entirely different people – even if we all know that a character’s abilities are always subject to change prior to release.

Well, that is, until now. As you’ll be able to see below, this new Apex Legends voice lines leak seem to suggest that Ballistic is the child of a revered and famous figure in the Apex Legends universe. And, of course, we think that this figure is Kuben Blisk himself.

Now, it’s important to make it clear that the link to Kuben Blisk is a theory at the moment – so, take it with a pinch of salt. However, he is an important figure in Apex Legends’ lore – a legend of the Apex Games, if you will – and having characters like Gibraltar, Mirage, and Rampart (those featured in the leak) all appear to be speaking quite highly of him. So, we don’t think it’s a stretch to connect the dots – at least in this case.

If you want to know what we’re on about, just listen to the voice lines for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

To clarify, Gibraltar can be heard saying two variations of the following line:

Ah, Ballistic? The Ballistic? That brings back memories, brother.”

Meanwhile, Mirage can be heard saying two variations of this voice line:

“You know, when am I going to get my cover story? Yeesh, glad I don’t have to compete against my dad’s legacy, am I right?”

Finally, Rampart can be heard saying two variations of this voice line (there is a word in there we can’t make out, though):

“Hm. Brinkman. Yeah, that names rings a bell! Heard he rang plenty of bells back in the day. I wonder if I can get junior here to lend me the [ratigat].”

We know these things are always up to interpretation until confirmed, but there’s clearly a fondness there – not an antagonistic sentiment. As commissioner of the Apex Games and the leader of the Apex Predators (the namesake of said games), you’d have to expect people taking part in said Apex Games would be quite fond of him – as a fellow combatant, if anything.

Oh, and we also know that the wait for Apex Legends’ Horizon heirloom item may finally be ending, but we can’t help but get more excited about the mystery that has been building around Kuben Blisk, his appearance in Apex Legends, and Ballistic. However, that’s all going to have to wait until we find out more – or if more leaks drop.

So, for now, why not check out the latest on Apex Legends’ ranks – because it’s never a bad idea to have a refresher – and our Apex Legends tier list. Do you think a new Assault legend like Ballistic could make a mark? We certainly think they could.