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Apex Legends Season 13 nerfs the Kraber and all LMGs

Apex Legends' Season 13 patch notes are chock full of weapon changes, legend buffs and nerfs, and plenty more. Find out what's changed in the battle royale

Apex Legends Season 13 patch notes: A split image of the new Downed Beast POI in Storm Point, and Newcastle flying through the air in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 13 is just around the corner, and today is an important day – it’s patch notes time, folks. While there’s plenty to mull over, the headline changes include nerfs to all four of the game’s LMGs, an interesting tweak to the battle royale’s two Fortified legends (Gibraltar and Caustic), and a buff to the Apex Games’ most forgettable competitor, Rampart.

So, let’s start with those weapon changes shall we? Nine weapons are getting their base stats tweaked in Apex Legends Season 13, most of which are nerfs. The headline changes are the nerfs coming to all four of the battle royale’s light machine guns (the Spitfire, L-STAR, Rampage, and Devotion) and to the game’s god-like Kraber sniper rifle. The Kraber has had its headshot multiplier slashed, and when coupled with a headshot protection buff to blue and purple helmets, your one-shot Kraber kills are gonna get a whole lot harder.

Shotguns are also getting tinkered in Season 13, with the Peacekeeper and Mozambique getting small buffs, while the Mastiff (which is this season’s crate weapon) also getting some balance changes. Find out exactly what’s changing to your favourite weapons in the full Apex Legends patch notes.

In the legends department, Rampart’s kit is getting a healthy buff as Respawn looks to increase her pick rate, while there is a slight nerf to Caustic and Gibraltar by changing their Fortified perk. They will no longer take reduced headshot damage.

For those that love hoarding heals, you might have to loot a little longer to stock up. The spawn rate for shield cells and syringes have been slashed by around 18% for this season.

Also, there’s an interesting change to players going out of bounds. Currently, out of bounds areas act like any other part of the map, except that you get a countdown to leave that area before you are killed in action. Now though, if you want to navigate by going out of bounds, there’s a lot more risk. Legend abilities and passives, weapons, healing items, and pretty much any other item for that matter, will no longer work when your out of bounds.

This will be particularly detrimental to Valkyrie players who can often launch themselves up onto high, out of bounds areas using her ult. This is also likely a change made with new legend Newcastle in mind, who can yeet himself long distances with his Castle Wall ultimate to join far off gunfights. That super jump, like Valk’s jet packs, could likely catapult you up to those hard to reach, out of bound areas.

Those are the headline changes, but there’s plenty more to read up on in the full patch notes. With those legend changes, expect our Apex Legends tier list to get a shakeup for Season 13.