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Apex Legends’ reactive weapon skins are being broken by latest update

If you're excited to play Apex Legends after the Spellbound update, you should be aware that some of the battle royale's reactive weapon skins are busted

Apex Legends reactive weapon skins broken Spellbound: an image of Loba from a Battle Royale cinematic YouTube video

When it comes to the latest Apex Legends update from Respawn Entertainment, there’s a lot to talk about – like always. However, also like always, the things we need to talk about aren’t universally positive. We might only have good things to say when it comes to the return of the Control LTM, or the new Apex Legends Spellbound skins, but it seems like this update has broken just as much as it has fixed. Alongside the hidden Apex Legends Horizon nerf and the resurgence of this battle royale’s server issues, it’s looking like reactive weapon skins are being broken in Apex Legends.

At the time of writing, reports are starting to emerge that a number of reactive weapon skins in Apex Legends are simply not working. Take this Reddit post from disgruntled fan ‘CreeperOpsReddit‘ shows a rather unreactive Spitfire reactive weapon skin alongside one for the Triple Take and Devotion.

While there are complaints that Apex Legends’ reactive weapon skins aren’t as impressive as they could be when it comes to the “reactions” they offer, this isn’t the only instance of a player complaining their reactive weapon skins aren’t working. Several players have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns and we expect many more to follow suit.

If you want to know what we mean, check out the post for yourself below:

Reactive Skins are broken since the new update from apexlegends

We can’t say we know why reactive weapon skins aren’t working in Apex Legends right now, but they’re not. And, as you might already imagine, this isn’t something currently noted on the Apex Legends Trello board. So, we can’t quite say for certain if Respawn Entertainment is aware and investigating this issue or not.

If you’re going to be gunning for the higher Apex Legends ranks with one of the top characters on our Apex Legends tier list, you’re just going to have to settle with an unreactive weapon skin for a little while.

However, we would like to think they are aware and investigating this issue. Why? Well, because it’s related to the battle royale’s microtransactions – a system that is constantly under fire from fans for being predatory and a lacklustre way of introducing new content to the game.

Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, and is arguably one of the best competitive FPS games available, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. We just hope this issue gets resolved sooner rather than later, as it’s only souring the playerbase even more when it comes to a community with complaints aplenty.