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Apex Legends ranked changes are coming with the next collection event

Apex Legends’ next event is starting soon and it looks like important tweaks to the battle royale’s ranked mode are going to be introduced alongside the update

Apex Legends ranked entry cost changes season 13: an image of Lifeline in a cap and hoodie from an Apex Legends short

16/06/2022 16:20 These leaks have now been confirmed by Respawn. The article has been updated to reflect this.

When Apex Legends Season 13 started, the battle royale’s players were treated to an overhaul of the game’s ranking system. The update, which has been dubbed Ranked Reloaded, saw changes to the assist timer duration and behaviour, kill RP values, entry costs, and ranked tier demotions. While quite a few players have seen this as a positive change, it has ultimately proven divisive, with claims that it’s harder to maintain your rank – let alone climb the Apex Legends ranks. Thankfully, it looks like that’s going to be a little easier. Recent Apex Legends leaks suggest that more changes are coming to Season 13’s Ranked Reloaded update soon. These leaks have now been confirmed.

As reported initially by Dexerto, “reliable leaker” ‘AG420’ has revealed that Apex Legends’ development team are planning to release another update to the battle royale’s ranked system alongside the next Collection Event – you can find out about the Awakening Collection Event release date right here.

The changes being made have now been confirmed to be primarily focused on the ranked mode’s entry costs – with each division and tier now having an entry cost that’s been lowered by 10 RP. There’s also going to be improved RP for higher elimination counts to look forward to, as well.

These changes are being joined by one that softens the ranked split reset from a six division demotion to a four division demotion. It should be even easier to climb and maintain your ranks now. You can find out more by heading to the Apex Legends blog right here.

Within the event players are able to nab free weapon charms and a Pathfinder skin. As a Collection Event, it will also see Valkyrie’s Heirloom Item introduced.

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