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Apex Legends player discovers secret R-99 reload animation by accident

Years after the game's release, a player has found a unique Apex Legends R-99 secret reload animation - making it the second gun in the game with one

Apex Legends R-99 Secret Reload: Ash can be seen using the R-99

Just when we think we might have seen everything Apex Legends has to offer, it turns out there was at least one more secret hiding inside the game, or at least has been added recently in a patch. By pure accident, user ‘Jemaniema’ on Reddit stumbled upon a secret R-99 reload animation in Apex Legends while walking next to some lava.

The animation is only slightly different than the regular one with the player tossing the magazine onto the ground instead of simply pulling it out and putting it away off-screen. But, this seems to have procked because the player was standing next to the hazard in this exact spot. In fact, they go on later to say that they did some testing and couldn’t get the animation to play anywhere else. It also didn’t work with other weapons.

This unique reload animation is a little bit more subtle than the G7’s which is drastically different to the regular reload animation, but it still looks great.

What is this animation? Did it happen because i was near the lava? from apexlegends

After going undetected for almost four years, this is a nice little easter egg find from Jemaniema and we have to wonder what else might be lurking in Apex Legends that the community still has to find. After all, if this reload animation only occurs in this one spot in the game, there could potentially be dozens of easter eggs tucked away in one of the best battle royale games that are as hard to find as this one.

So, as Apex Legends is set to enter its fourth year on February 4, 2023, just before the Apex Legends Season 16 release date, we may see more secrets uncovered in another four years time.