Apex Legends: Overtime comic series set to release this summer

The comic will feature the full roster of Apex Legends characters working together for once

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans may have only just got the hang of playing on the move with the Nintendo Switch port, but now the hit battle royale game is entering another medium entirely. Apex Legends: Overtime is a comic series produced by Dark Horse comics, who create the comics that supplement the Overwatch and God of War lore.

Dark Horse also published Pathfinder’s Quest – a hefty tome which filled out a lot of gaps in the Apex Legends lore – last month. Apex Legends has a history of publishing digital comics in-game to tell the stories of each season, but this will be the first time the beautiful scenes will see print. If you’re sick of climbing the Apex Legends ranks, perhaps it’s time to cool things down with some reading?

The four-issue limited release has been written by Titanfall writer Jesse Stern, with Respawn writers Tom Casiello and Manny Hagopian also on board. Having writers of this calibre, with a history intertwined with the Titanfall universe, is a sure sign of the comics’ quality, and fans are already excited at the prospect of more lore content for the popular FPS game.

The Apex Legends: Overtime lore comics are set to be released on June 2, 2021.

According to IGN, the official description for the comic lets slip a few of the details about the story, including the fact that all 16 current legends will be involved. The official description reads as follows:

“The Legends find themselves pulled together to rescue the city from Mad Scientists, brutal assassins, and the sudden and sinister grip of The Syndicate, a corrupt cabal attempting to “fix” arena outcomes in their favor. Will the Legends hold up to their celebrity status and be the heroes Solace needs?”

Long-time Apex Legends and Titanfall fans will know all about The Syndicate, the mercenary conglomerate that runs the Apex Games. Who knows, maybe commissioner Kuben Blisk may even make an appearance?

Obviously the comics will not be a necessary read to play the game, but loreheads like us will be thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about the shady dealings in the Outlands and will be excited to dive into physical Apex Legends comics for the first time.