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Apex Legends Storm Point release date, gameplay, and more

Everything there is to know about the Apex Legends Storm Point map.

Apex Legends new map Season 11: known as either Tropic Island or Storm Point

When Apex Legends first launched back in 2019, the popular battle royale game shipped with a single map – King’s Canyon. Since then, Respawn has introduced many new arenas, such as World’s Edge in Season 3 and Olympus in Season 7. Each map has also undergone sweeping changes from season to season.

However, over time, and despite their numerous iterations to remain as fresh as possible, maps begin to wear out, and players start looking for something new. Thankfully, this gave us Storm Point, a great new map that arrived in Season 11: Escape. This shook things up for casual players and even those trying to climb the Apex Legends ranks.

Apex Legends Storm Point release date

The Apex Legends Storm Point map was released on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, with the launch of Season 11: Escape.

However, the map has undergone some changes since it was first introduced. For example, both Season 13 and Season 19 gave Storm Point a fresh lick of paint, changing key locations and altering the flow.

Apex Legends Storm Point gameplay

To see Storm Point in all its glory, check out how it took center stage in the Apex Legends Season 11: Escape gameplay trailer below.

From crystal clear waters to jagged cliffs, and even some roaming wildlife, Storm Point is a beautiful map – so it’s a shame that we wage war on its shores.

Many of Storm Point’s locals won’t be happy to see you, and will do their utmost to make your time on the island as miserable as possible should you choose to engage with them.

Apex Legends new map: Wattson looks over the new Apex Legends map Storm Point, which features a stormy sky, palm trees, and tall cliff faces.

There are boons to this though, as blasting through Prowler nests and spider eggs – the spawn points of which are marked on the minimap – will net you rewards like ammo, attachments, and consumables, as well as a small amount of progress on your Evo Shield.

Similarly, the Flyers of King’s Canyon can be observed above Storm Point’s archipelago. Should you sink enough rounds into one of these four-winged beasts, it will reluctantly drop its loot.

Jump Towers have been replaced with the Gravity Cannons taking their place from many of the other maps. When using this transportation method, players have pitch control – allowing them to land on either side of the receiver – and will be able to make full use of weapons, abilities, and grenades mid-air.

And that’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends Storm Point map. While you’re waiting for your next match, check out our Apex Legends tier list so you know which legends you should be playing.