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Apex Legends almost blessed new Revenant with Titanfall 2 movement

Respawn Entertainment knows you want Titanfall 2 akin movement changes in Apex Legends, but isn't necessarily going to deliver them anytime soon.

Apex Legends Season 18 movement changes

Apex Legends is one of the best FPS games around for many players, and its movement has always remained a highlight. Respawn Entertainment continues to refine the game’s intensity with each seasonal update, including experimentation with Titantfall 2-style movement changes for its recent Revenant rework.

Game designer Evan Funnell is aware of how popular movement legends can be in the battle royale title, saying that “movement in Apex is super important. A lot of people really love to engage with that kind of that side of the game. Movement characters are definitely pretty popular and just kind of more played pretty often.”

Though movement-focused legends remain popular picks, Funnell makes it clear that it isn’t “a determining factor for us all the time. We don’t want to just add movement to every character that we make, we want to be able to kind of have that wide breadth of characters.”

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The importance is on serving the game’s lore, rather adding tweaks for the sake of it. Funnell says not to expect any “crazy movement abilities” as a result. In the case of Revenant’s rework, Respawn reveal it did attempt to give the legend “a bunch of different abilities” and that it toyed with enhanced Titanfall-style “wall running at one point.”

We know that your heart just skipped a beat, Titanfall 2 fans, but sadly it isn’t meant to be: “We found that like the ability was just generally super situational, especially in most like Apex maps, it didn’t really offer players enough options or consistency for what we really wanted, which is where we moved away from that.”

Amplified by an array of stunning abilities, Revenant’s rework makes the legend a deadlier opponent than ever. Able to highlight the low-health of foes and pounce upon enemies, there is a remnant of wall climbing to be found, as the Apex Legends Resurrection patch notes buff the speed in which Revenant can traverse along surfaces. Revenant’s abilities are as follows:

  • PASSIVE – Assassin’s Instinct: Highlight nearby visible enemies who are low on health. You crouch walk faster and have improved wall climbing.
  • TACTICAL – Shadow Pounce: Unleash a powerful pounce forwards. Hold to charge for farther distances.
  • ULTIMATE Forged Shadows: Forge a shroud of hardened shadows around you that blocks direct damage and regenerates after breaking. Your shadows and tactical are refreshed on knockdowns.

We’ll have to see whether Apex Legends Season 19 release date introduces further tweaks to Revenant’s movement, or other picks on the Apex Legends tier list.