Apex Legends’ next Prime Gaming bundle is worth looking out for

Looking for free cosmetics in Apex Legends? Well, there are a lot up for grabs over the next week - including some exclusive to Prime Gaming and its' members

Apex Legends January prime gaming bundle leak: an image of Rampart from a battle royale short

We know you can already get your hands on a lot of free-game items over the next week thanks to the packed Apex Legends Twitch drops schedule shared by Respawn Entertainment recently, but there are even more free things on the way in the New Year. If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you’ll be pleased to know that the next Apex Legends Prime Gaming bundle is coming in January – and its’ contents have been datamined ahead of time.

Shared online by ‘kript2‘, notable Apex Legends leaker ‘SenosApex’ has found that the January Apex Legends Prime Gaming bundle is going to feature an epic Rampart skin, a rare Rampart frame, and a rare Spitfire skin. We know she’s not at the top of our Apex Legends tier list, but this is a must-have bundle for Rampart mains.

This information comes ahead of any official announcements from Respawn Entertainment, so it is subject to change. However, it looks pretty in-line with what we’ve seen from Prime Gaming in the past – and SenosApex isn’t usually wrong when it comes to these sorts of things.

At the moment, however, we don’t know when in January you’ll actually be able to get your hands on these cosmetics. These sorts of things are rarely at the beginning of the month, though. So, we might have to wait three to four weeks for the Rampart-focused Apex Legends Prime Gaming bundle to be available online.

January Prime Gaming Set for Rampart from ApexUncovered

If you like the look of this bundle, but you don’t actually have Prime Gaming, you should check out the offer below – it might just tempt you.

Of course, though, this bundle only really matters if you’re a Rampart main. It does feature a skin for one of the best Apex Legends weapons, but that’s not going to help you climb the Apex Legends ranks. For that, you need to be switched on and ready to fight – but, you already knew that.