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Apex Legends Horizon bug defies physics with finishing moves

We know Apex Legends isn't perfect, but this Horizon bug defies the laws of nature and plunges anyone unlucky enough to fall victim to it into a black hole

Apex Legends Horizon bug fix finishing move spam: an image of a red haired woman thinking

Thought Apex Legends’ Horizon was deadly enough with her physics-defying Gravity Lift tactical and Black Hole ultimate? Well, battle royale players appear to have found an Apex Legends Horizon bug that allows the eccentric astrophysicist to force downed enemies through walls and out of bounds – at least on Olympus, anyway. However, we’re not quite sure they meant to discover this exploit.

Spotted by Apex Legends player ‘Enjoipandarules‘, an unfortunate victim of the Horizon exploit we’re talking about, it looks as though Horizon players can spam a finishing move on a downed enemy to push them into a wall – and then clip them through it. We know we like to say this is one of the best battle royale games out there, but it’s clear that this game still isn’t perfect.

Hilariously, looking at the clip itself (which you can see below), it doesn’t actually look like the Horizon player has knowingly discovered this bug. When the downed player is clipped through the wall, the Horizon player appears to look around confused at their opponent’s sudden disappearance.

If you want to see what we mean, you can check the footage out for yourself below:

New bug? gigachad horizon here spams finishers 🙄🙄 and it clips me through the map?? from apexlegends

Yeah, what a way to go – right? We would recommend avoiding trying to replicate this if you’re trying to climb the Apex Legends ranks, as it isn’t the fastest way to dispatch of a downed opponent. However, as of right now, it is one of the funnier ways to do it.

At the moment, we can’t say for certain whether you will be able to replicate this exploit in other areas around Olympus – or on another map like Kings Canyon. We have only seen footage of this one instance of this hilariously unfortunate way to die when downed. It’s also worth noting that this exploit could be something that applies to anyone on the Apex Legends tier list with a finishing move that pushes the downed player back – as this movement seems to be what has pushed the downed player through the wall.

We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop if any more instances of this exploit appear online, but for now, it looks like Horizon mains are going to stay winning. We’re expecting to see this bug squashed soon, so it’s worth keep an eye on the Apex Legends patch notes for the latest.