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Apex Legends Season 8 will introduce gold magazines that automatically reload

The powerful attachment will change the game in Apex Legends Season 8

Respawn is bringing gold magazines to Apex Legends next season, according to the description of today’s gameplay trailer. The description has since been edited, but not before some eagle-eyed internet hounds took a screenshot of the text.

The trailer will likely show off new character Fuse’s tactical and ultimate abilities – after which we’ll hazard a guess at where he places on our Apex Legends tier list. We’ll update that again once we’ve had a chance to play around with Fuse ourselves and see how he stacks up against the likes of Bloodhound and Horizon.

The description also explains exactly how the gold magazine will function, as most gold items build on the bonuses that the lower-level items give you while also offering an extra boost. We now have confirmation that the gold magazine is “capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons”. This sounds like a game-changing benefit if you can get your hands on one, but Respawn’s lead game designer Daniel Klein has some words of reassurance for those who think it will be overpowered.

“I think some of you imagine this to be a lot faster than it is,” he explains. “There’s a good delay before a holstered weapon is reloaded, and if it turns out that delay isn’t long enough, we can always increase it.”

Gold Magazines confirmed for Season 8!!! from apexlegends

“This shouldn’t be usable for cheating out of a reload,” Klein continues, “this should be for switching to another weapon, using it for a bit, and then switching back to your reloaded initial weapon.”

The reload clearly isn’t instant as soon as you holster your gold magazined weapon – we’ll have to wait and see just how powerful the attachment is. But if you find yourself getting wiped by two “brrrs” of an R99 in quick succession, expect Respawn to patch the gold magazine before too long.