Apex Legends players are showing off their fastest Arenas wins

A team of Lifeline, Fuse, and Bangalore advance towards the camera, weapons raised

There are few things competitive players love more than one-upping their peers. The knowledge that you have successfully out-flexed someone offers one of the most satisfying dopamine hits around, and Apex Legends players have been comparing the sizes of their Ws in its Arenas mode on Reddit.

‘jashbyy12’ initially innocently offered their speedgunning submission to the masses – a remarkably slick bit of Bloodhound play. The player begins by popping Beast of the Hunt as they kick off a leftover jump pad from an earlier round, hurtling themselves in the general direction of their enemies. Using Eye of the Allfather as they land, jashbyy12 discovers that all three foes are moving together as a tightly-knit unit. You can see where this is heading.

One Arc Star. Two Arc Star. Three Arc Star. jashbyy full-sends three of the shield-popping explosives into the heart of the enemy team, eviscerating two shields instantly as they skirt around for a flank. One final use of Bloodhound’s tactical ability refreshes their prey’s position, as the player rushes in and lasers them with the Flatline. Sheesh.

You can check out the full play below.

My quickest arenas round ever just happened. from apexlegends

Spotting how much karma jashbyy was farming from this impeccable piece of play, ‘Olflehema’ took the opportunity to try and muscle in on the goods several hours later. “I see your fastest Arenas round ever, and I raise you MY fastest Arenas round ever,” they declare.

Olflehema’s clip begins with the player disclosing their cunning plan to their team. The operation is simple: the round begins. The team takes the portal. Octane yeets them to the other side with a jump pad. They pepper the enemy team with Arc Stars – there’s a trend between the two plays here – before they can react. Then, finally, they silence their adversaries with Mozambiques. Ok, maybe the player doesn’t quite go into that much detail, but that’s how it plays out regardless.

I see your fastest arenas round ever, and I raise you MY fastest arena round ever from apexlegends

The secret to climbing the Apex Legends Arenas ranks appears to be a simple one. Find your enemies before they find you, and lob loads of Arc Stars at them if they’re all together. While we reckon jashbyy’s clip is still the more impressive piece of play, Olflehema is technically faster, so we’ll have to give them the win on this one.