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Apex Legends fans think Fuse and Crypto deserve this unique buff

Finding getting a grenade to open an Explosive Hold in Apex Legends annoying? Well, the fans think they have a solution - at least for Fuse and Crypto mains

Apex Legends fans Fuse Crypto Explosive Holds: an image of Fuse holding a Crypto drone

We know Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. In fact, fans of this free-to-play shooter are always making suggestions on what Respawn Entertainment should change next – and some of them are actually quite good. The latest fan suggestion that we genuinely think should feature in the next set of Apex Legends patch notes is one that involves Fuse, Crypto, and Explosive Holds. Quite a few Apex Legends fans think that Fuse and Crypto should be able to open Explosive Holds without the need for a grenade.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. These changes aren’t going to make much of an impact on where these characters sit on our Apex Legends tier list, sure. However, the argument that Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster tactical ability should be able to blow open an Explosive Hold is quite logical considering. In addition to this, when you consider the fact that Crypto is quite adept at hacking, it would also make logical sense for him to be able to hack open an explosive hold.

Despite this being quite a minor addition, albeit a change that could be considered a buff, the argument then is that this same logic could apply to almost every legend on Apex Legends’ roster. Bangalore and Gibraltar both have explosive-based abilities, so they should be able to blow up some Explosive Hold doors with them.

In addition to this, Ash’s Arc Snare is effectively an upgraded Arc Star, a grenade which players can already use to open an Explosive Hold. So, logically, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to open a door with her tactical ability.

Hell, you could even argue that Pathfinder should be able to use his Grapple and superhuman robotic strength to pull open the doors on an Explosive Hold – if you wanted. And, let’s not forget about Maggie’s Riot Drill – that should logically be able to burn through the lock and force the doors open in no-time.

Fuse tactical should be able to open these holds also crypto could be able to hack it too right? from apexlegends

It’s not a bad idea by any account, but the argument against it that the fans have is that it doesn’t really need to be included. Grenades aren’t exactly rare loot items and, as we have just hinted at above, this logic can be applied to up to half the roster – or more.

On the Apex Legends subreddit, this suggestion has led to a wider discussion on whether Respawn Entertainment should introduce more utility-based passive abilities to legends across the board – and we’re not against it. However, we don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. We don’t know if giving Fuse and Crypto the ability to open Explosive Holds without grenades will help players climb the Apex Legends ranks with them, but it’s not the worst idea we’ve ever seen. Apex Legends fans also added gold Ultimate Accelerant items to their wishlist – which is a little more extreme.