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Party time’s over Grimace, Apex Legends’ Octane has his own shake now

A new update on Apex Legends' upcoming cookbook based on the PS5, Xbox, and PC FPS has revealed that Octane is getting his own peculiar-looking milkshake.

Apex Legends cookbook octane milkshake: an image of Octane from the FPS and McDonald's Grimace

We know Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is still going to let a lot of people down when it comes to crossprogression, but Apex Legends’ Season 18 release date is creeping closer and there could very-well be some interesting Revenant changes on the way. Although, the Apex Legends developer is keeping tight-lipped about that. While we wait for more information, though, why not sit down and relaxe with an Octane shake? That’s right, an update online has revealed the first recipes in Apex Legends’ Cookbook and Octane’s getting his own stimulating mint-flavored milkshake.

As highlighted by Apex Legends content creator and leaker ‘Garret‘, a long-dormant listing of the official Apex Legends cookbook online – which was revealed late last year and scheduled to release in August 2023 – has been updated with new images revealing some of the recipes you can expect to find inside.

Thrown together, supposedly, by Pathfinder and Mirage, this cookbook – which also reveals that Pathfinder used to work in some resturants and has a love for cooking – allegedly contains upwards of 60 recipes for you to try. Those include “Pathfinder’s Positively Perfect Pancakes”, a “Supply Box Sandwich”, “Bloodhound’s Behemoth Burger”, and “Chickenbique’s Buck Buck Bang”.

Each recipe comes with a difficulty rating, an estimated cook time, and (of course) some banter between Pathfinder and Mirage as they take us on this culinary adventure through Apex Legends’ universe. And, of course, it comes with “Octane’s Stim-ulating Mint Milkshake” – which looks as cursed as it looks tasty.

As you can see below, the Octane shake is – more or less – a standard mint and dark cholocate milkshake. However, you’re asked to add “one to two drops of turquoise food coloring” into it – so, we guess, it resembles some strange stimulant.

Apex Legends cookbook Octane milkshake: an image of the Octane milkshake

We don’t know if this will take off like the odd Grimace milkshake trend we’ve seen over the last few weeks, but we’re sort of worried it will – while creative, a lot of that was quite cringey and this could easy fall into the same embarrasing social trend if the right people pick it up.

Want to see the sort of thing we’re talking about, check out some trends below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Thankfully, though, Octane isn’t nearly as amusing as a character as Grimace. So, we think we’ll be fine. Even still, whether you agree that this is one of the best battle royale games out there or not, this does look tasty. We certainly think climbing the Apex Legends ranks with an Octane shake is far from a bad way to spend an afternoon or evening.

If you want to make one yourself, you can check out a clearer image of the instructions and ingredients below:

Apex Legends' Cookbook Octane milkshake, the recipe for a mint millkshake with dark chocolate

The Apex Legends cookbook, at the moment, though, sounds like it’s going to be full of fairly basic foods? Nice foods, but basic ones. Burgers, toasted sandwiches, and fried chicken isn’t quite as diverse as it could be when you consider the cast of characters you’re drawing from when it comes to Apex Legends. However, we’ve only seen a handful of recipes so far – so, this could be one to keep an eye on if you want to try something new while you’re playing one of the best competitive FPS games out there. We know we will.