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Apex Legends bug makes gravity-defying loot

Streamer Euriece found the bug while playing in an Apex Legends ranked match

Apex Legends' Horizon

Apex Legends streamer Jan ‘Euriece’ Del Rosario found some hilarious glitches in his latest Apex Legends ranked match. He was in the middle of a stream when the problems began.

The first was the fact that he could pop Shield Cells while his shields were full. While this is obviously a waste of resources, usually the game stops you from being able to do so. However, this was the least of his problems. Soon, Eriece’s teammate Joshua ‘Dazoh’ Davis, who plays for EU team UNDERRATED, found that dropping loot on the walls of Countdown caused it to bounce up in the air.

The anti-gravity bouncing only applied to loot dropped from players’ inventories – so players and ground loot seemed unaffected. But, once something started bouncing, it just wouldn’t stop. This resulted in a hilarious sight as Euriece, Dash, and fellow UNDERRATED teammate Elwin ‘KSWINNIE’ Echeveria dropped their entire inventories on the ground.

Euriece clipped a video of the team’s bouncing loot, and subsequently tweeted it out to the amusement of Apex fans everywhere.

Someone replied to his tweet with a similar video of death boxes bouncing between the floor and ceiling – another instance of the anti-gravity bug impacting players’ games. We can’t see any way this could be used to gain a competitive advantage – other than perhaps the floating death boxes being utilised as semi-mobile cover.

We’re not quite sure what triggers the bug, and we’ve been able to recreate it, so we don’t know how long it’ll be before Respawn patches it out. In the meantime, enjoy the clip of Euriece playing Apex Legends on the moon.