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Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event weapon skins shown off by dev

Apex Legends' Awakening Collection Event is on the way and an artist at Respawn Entertainment has shared a detailed look at the legendary weapon skins coming

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event weapon skins: an image of Ash stabing Revenant surrounded by fire and Maggie and Fuse

When it comes to a new Apex Legends Collection Event, character skins and Heirloom items are more often than not the talk of the town. However, they’re not the only cosmetic item on offer – Respawn Entertainment is consistently introducing new weapon skins to the battle royale shooter, too. Ahead of the Awakening Collection release date, lead hard surface MTX artist Oscar Aguirre has shared a detailed look at some of the new legendary weapon skins that will be available during the Awakening Collection Event – and, they look awesome.

On June 16, following the official reveal of the upcoming Collection Event, Aguirre shared six images on his personal Twitter account showcasing upcoming legendary weapon skins for the Hemlock assault rifle, the Mastiff shotgun, the CAR submachine gun, the Bocek Bow, the Havoc assault rifle, and the Longbow marksman rifle.

In a similar fashion to previous Collection Event cosmetics collections, each weapon skin shared by Aguirre has what you could describe as a ‘matching’ legend skin. This means that both the weapon skin and the legend skin share design cures and an overall theme – so, you can match them up if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on both.

Of course, we could talk about these Awakening Collection Event legendary weapon skins all day, but it would be easier to look at them, wouldn’t it?

Well, you can check out the first four weapon skins shared by Aguirre below:

And, because the other weapon skins are fantastic too, you can check out the Havoc and the Longbow weapon skins below:

All of the above weapon skins will be available alongside the new legend skins through Awakening Event Apex Packs, or purchasable with Apex Coins or Crafting Materials starting June 21.

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