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Apex Legends Lifeline buff gives her healing drone infinite HP

It's really good to be a Lifeline fan right now; she's just starred in her own short and now an Apex Legends Lifeline buff is giving D.O.C. infinite health

Apex Legends Lifeline drone buff infinite health: an image of Lifeline, Octane, and DOC from an Apex Legends short

Apex Legends’ dedicated Lifeline fanbase just keep winning, don’t they? Following Lifeline’s starring role in the Stories From The Outlands short “Family Business”, Respawn Entertainment has just revealed a huge Lifeline buff is due to arrive alongside the Awakening Collection Event release date – which is closer than you think. What’s really exciting about this Apex Legends Lifeline buff is the fact that it actually gives Lifeline’s healing drone, D.O.C., infinite health.

Yes, you read that correctly. D.O.C. is going to be indestructable from now on. It still lasts 20 seconds, but you no-longer have to worry about it being blown to smithereens in the heat of battle – D.O.C. is tough as nails now.

If you’re worried that that’s it, fear not. There’s so much more to this Lifeline buff than that – even if it doesn’t look that way when you check out the Apex Legends patch notes on the Apex Legends blog. Lifeline’s healing drone now has a doubled healing radius, and players can opt to cancel the automated revive from Lifeline’s Combat Revive ability. Although, we’re not completely sure why you would do that… Well, unless you’re trying to desperately crawl away from gunfire.

Lifeline’s Care Package has also been tweaked, so she’s going to be even more of a boon to her squad than before. The Care Package will have a reduced cooldown from five whole minutes to just three-and-a-half minutes. In addition to this, the weapon attachment panel will now offer up a Shield Battery over two Shield Cells. Sure, you can’t share them, but you get more recharge for your buck.

Finally, Respawn Entertainment has removed the “blue beam on initial drop”. This means there won’t be an indicator of where the Care Package is until it’s actually on the ground. In theory, this should help to reduce the amount of times you get jumped while you’re waiting for your bonus items.

Following the revelation that Lifeline’s pick rate was finally more than Newcastle’s, following his introduction at the start of Season 13, it’s clear that Lifeline’s journey to the top of everyone’s Apex Legends tier lists is far from over.